All About Spelling Level 6

Level 6 Teacher's Manual & Student Packet

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Please note: Your student should always begin with Level One, regardless of grade level. There are materials needed in each level which are used again in subsequent levels. For example, Level 3 requires the student to review cards from Levels 1 and 2.

Level 6 of All About Spelling covers key spelling concepts such as:

  • Strategies for choosing between -cle and -cal
  • Clues for when to use -ible and when to use -able to spell the sound of /ibl/
  • Exceptions to the I-Before-E Generalization, and easy ways to remember them
  • Practice with -il, -el, -al, and -le
  • and much more!

Level 6 also includes an "I-Before-E Book" to help students review, identify, and categorize words that contain ie and ei. The Homophone Pairs activities provide more practice for your children in recognizing and choosing the correct homophone in their writing, and the Writing Station activities provide a framework for applying new knowledge.

By the end of Level 6, your child will be able to write sentences such as:

  • No one knows why the sheriff taped nickels to his secret messages.
  • Do you have receipts for all of the suits you bought?
  • The thief was caught with his hands still covered in chocolate.
  • I supposed it's no surprise that Sam had no success as an actor.
  • Our chemistry experiment left an oily stain on the carpet.

Add the Spelling Review Box to help you organize the included flashcards so you can quickly see which words, phonograms, and spelling rules your student still needs to learn and review. Order your Spelling Review Box here.

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Basic Interactive Kit (RL80)

Use this one-time purchase kit for all levels of All about Spelling. Includes Letter tiles, Magnets, Phonogram sounds app, and Divider Cards. Necessary for teaching Levels 1 to 7.

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All About Spelling Level 6 Student Packet (RL92)

One Student Material Packet is included with each purchase of All About Spelling Level 6. Additional Student Material Packets can be purchased individually.

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