GeoBingo USA Geography Board Game RE68

GeoBingo USA Geography Board Game

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Play BINGO with the whole country! GeoBingo USA Geography Board Game puts a cool twist on a traditional game of BINGO. Instead of matching letters and numbers, you get to match states!

It’s easy to play GeoBingo USA. Just flip a card, put a bingo chip on your board if you have a spot that matches, and keep watching your board. The first one to get five states in a row gets bingo!

As your family plays this educational geography game, you’ll learn fun facts about the USA.


  • 8 GeoBingo boards
  • 50 state cards that show each state with its capital, land area, population and nickname
  • 75 bingo chips

Suitable for ages 4+

Can be played by up to 8 individuals or teams.

No resources.

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