Level F: 5-Day Read-Aloud Collection RAF

Level F: 5-Day Read-Aloud Collection

Additional titles to enhance your 4-Day program

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Three exceptional books. A gorgeous tale-with-folktale set in China. A tremendous trek from the Tibetan highlands of the Himalayas to the city of Calcutta, in search of a beloved dog. And the story of adventurous sisters and their escapades around the world. Don't miss this collection! Expand your library of quality literature – perfect for reading aloud. Enjoy!

Read Alouds

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon (FA01)

Young Minli lives in the Valley of Fruitless Mountain, where she and her parents spend their days working hard in the fields. One day, Minli embarks on a quest to find wisdom outside of the village and help her struggling family. This tale of Chinese folklore mixed with fantasy tells of adventure, friendship and courage.


Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters (FA06)

Blume. Lonely 11-year-old Cornelia surrounds herself with dictionaries and other books to isolate herself from the outside world. But when a glamorous neighbor named Virginia Somerset moves next door, Cornelia discovers that the world is a much more exciting place than she had originally thought. An unforgettable story of friendship and adventure that takes readers around the world and back again. Absolutely outstanding. One of my favorites.


Daughter of the Mountains (FA66)

Momo, a young Tibetan girl, chases the man who stole her Lhasa terrier--from high in the Himalayas to the Bengal plains and the city of Calcutta.

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