Saxon Math Manipulatives Set S KM07

Saxon Math Manipulatives Set S

(Packaged in a sturdy reusable box)

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Complete set of hands-on math manipulatives for use with the Saxon Math program in grades K through 3.

Our list of math manipulatives includes:

  • A plastic balance (used K-2)
  • Two student clocks (K-3)
  • A set of ten two-colored plastic counters (K-3)
  • 48 one-inch plastic Teddy Bear counters (K)
  • One set of dominoes (K)
  • Two double-sided geoboards with rubber bands (K-2)
  • One laminated hundreds chart (K-3)
  • 100 three-quarter-inch multicolor multilink cubes (K-1)
  • Set of 100 solid plastic pattern blocks (K-3)
  • Two flexible, clear plastic angle rulers that measure inches, centimeters and degrees of angle (K-3+)
  • Four sets of plastic tangrams, one tangram in each of four different colors (K-2)
  • 100 one-inch multicolor tiles (K-3)

Plus a sturdy box to neatly store it all!

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