Science A Instructor's Guide ASG

Science A Instructor's Guide 2020 Version

Biology, Botany, and Physics

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  • Age Range: 6-8
  • Grade Range: 1-3
School days per week:More Info5-Day4-Day
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When you order Sonlight Science A: Biology, Botany, and Physics, your young scientists will embark on a quest. Learn the basics of these disciplines and discover answers to intriguing questions, such as why does thunder accompany lightning, and how much air can our lungs actually hold?

This Sonlight Science A Instructor's Guide will:

  • Eliminate the frustration and untold hours you could spend to plan, research, develop and sustain your own curriculum. We've done all of the heavy lifting for you.
  • Save you from ever having to create another lesson plan. Never again stay up late or rise early, wondering what you're going to teach next — all lesson plans are included.
  • Keep your students right on schedule, so you know exactly where you should be. No more anxiety about pushing too hard or pacing the year too slowly — the IG shows you what to cover, every day.
  • Serve as a roadmap that shows you where you're going and exactly how to get there, yet offer the flexibility to accommodate diverse learning styles.

Want us to organize your IG or homeschooling lesson plans for you? IG preassembly is convenient and saves you time, too.

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Extra Science A Student Activity Sheets - 5 Day (ASG1)

Consumable. One set of these consumable sheets is included in Science A. You need one set per student.

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