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Grammar 6 Set

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Grammar practice made practical.

Have you finished The Grammar Ace and Grammar 5?

Count on Grammar 6 to lead your students deeper into the wonderful intricacies of nouns and verbs, sentence structure and diction.

Students will gain mastery of grammatical concepts and build writing skills with these 72 self-directed lessons. Let the straightforward (and engaging) explanations and exercises abound.

Grammar 6 is perfect for students who have completed Grammar 5 and are ready to strengthen their writing skills. In each lesson students will:

  • Read a passage of excellent writing (from books in Sonlight G)
  • Learn or review a grammatical concept featured in that passage
  • Complete exercises that help them put that concept into practice
  • Practice concepts they've learned in past lessons

As crucial concepts surface repeatedly throughout the year, your young writers will master the tools they need to succeed on standardized tests. And more importantly, they'll become solid writers who know how to wield their words.

For the teacher (you!), Grammar 6 may be a dream come true. Students guide themselves, but a thorough Answer Key and quick-reference Grammar Guide give you the tools to help them succeed. You even have a matrix telling you which skills they'll cover and review each week. Grammar 6 is the perfect supplement to any Language Arts program.

This easy-to-follow, self-paced program will reinforce the grammar your children really need to know ... in a format you're all bound to enjoy!

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