Eternity in Their Hearts 420-30

Eternity in Their Hearts

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The year is 1795, and deep in the jungles of Burma hundreds of tribesmen rush out to a clearing to greet a white-skinned stranger. Could he be the one to bring the book their forefathers lost so many centuries ago-the book that tells the secrets of Y'Wa, the Supreme God? Astonishingly, Yes!

Former missionary to the Sawi people of Irian Jaya, Don Richardson believes that God has not only prepared the Gospel for all peoples, but He has prepared all peoples for the Gospel. This book examines dozens of examples of peoples around the world whose cultural background prepared them to receive the Gospel long before missionaries ever appeared.

Richardson suggests that all peoples have a sense of God's existence. The title of the book comes from Ecclesiastes 3:11: "He [God] has... set eternity in the hearts of men" so that they will seek Him.

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