Love to Learn, Love to Teach, Love to Give: 30th Anniversary

30 Years of Connecting
with Sonlight

Celebrating 30 Years of Connecting Families and Helping Kids Love to Learn

It’s our 30th anniversary! Celebrate with us! What have we been doing for the last 30 years that is cause for celebration?

Some folks might say we’ve been in business or we’ve been selling homeschool curriculum for a long time. Others may point out that Sonlight is the original Christian, literature-based curriculum.

While those achievements are true and worthy of being recognized, we are most proud of the fact that for thirty years we’ve been helping kids love to learn and connecting families—one to another and to God.

To commemorate our 30th anniversary, we are inviting you to celebrate connection with us!

Connection over great books that make you cry...or laugh.

Connection through discussions that lead you to question assumptions, experience empathy, and dig for satisfying answers.

Connection over missionary stories that inspire your family to venture great things for God.

Connection with science activities that foster curiosity and awe about the ways God designed our world.

A Connection-Based Curriculum

Sonlight is a connection-based curriculum: parents and children, brothers and sisters, families and God. Although you unpack a huge stack of books on Box Day, the true gift—the longest lasting treasure—of Sonlight is something intangible. It’s the connection that comes by way of the Readers, Read-Alouds, activities, and discussions.

A girl holding a chameleon as others observe

Join in Celebrating 30 Years of Connecting

You can join the anniversary celebration in multiple ways. Whether you’re a long-time Sonlighter or still kicking the tires, we invite everyone to participate! We want to connect—and celebrate—with you.

30 Weeks of
Connecting Giveaways

Look for our 30 Weeks of Connecting Giveaways where you can win a set of favorite homeschool resources, centered on a certain theme. There will be thirty chances. In all, winners will receive over $5,000 worth of curriculum!

30th Anniversary
Missions Read-A-Thon

Learn how God is moving among us just by reading! Children and parents alike will have a chance to participate in our Missions Read-a-thon this fall.


New curriculum options, a new look for Instructor's Guides, and new purchasing options. Plus you'll receive an exclusive anniversary gift in your curriculum order.

30 Years.
30 Blessings to Celebrate.

To celebrate Sonlight’s 30th anniversary, here are 30 blessings to celebrate. Thank you for allowing us to walk alongside you on your homeschool journey.

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All the 30 Years of Connecting activities will be broadcast via email, on Facebook (both the Sonlight page and private Connections group) and on Instagram. Connect with Sonlight on those venues to stay up to date on all the facets of the celebration. It won’t be the same without you!

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Sonlight's Story

We love hearing how Sonlight connects families over great books and meaningful discussions. Your #sonlightstories inspire and connect Sonlight families all over the world. As we celebrate 30 years of connecting families and helping kids love to learn, this is a great time to share our Sonlight Story.

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