Exploring Creation with Biology, Print Version 250-10

Exploring Creation with Biology, Print Version

Text plus Solutions & Tests Manual, 2nd Edition

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  • Author: Apologia Educational Ministries

A thorough high school-level biology program designed for use at home.

The authors recommend that students take this course at the same time they are taking Algebra I. The text is written in a conversational style, making it easy to read and understand. It contains student exercises (with detailed solutions), experiments, and tests (with detailed solutions). Taught from a Christian viewpoint with emphasis on the incredible design features apparent throughout God's creation. Primary topics: General Introduction to Biology; Monerans (bacteria); Protists (protozoans and algae); Fungi; the Chemistry of Life (atoms, elements, molecules, osmosis and diffusion, photosynthesis, enzymes, etc.); Cells; Cellular Reproduction; Genetics; Evolution (a treatise that is highly critical of the theory -- and, sadly, one of the most poorly written sections of the book); Ecosystems (including discussions of symbiosis, and the water, oxygen and carbon cycles); Invertebrates; Arthropods; Chordates; Plant Anatomy and Classification; Plant Physiology and Reproduction; Reptiles, Birds and Mammals.

Text is accompanied by full-color photos and illustrations throughout. Price includes free curricular support from the author.

Comes in two volumes: a "student text" printed on quality, glossy paper, and a "solutions and tests" manual. Main text is oversize hb.

Note: The experiments in the course are designed to be done at home, but about half of them require some specialized equipment, including a high-quality microscope. As you can see, we offer a microscope laboratory set to accompany the course, as well as a dissection laboratory kit. Since these laboratory sets are expensive and cannot be shipped directly to foreign countries, they are not a required part of the course, though the biology "experience" will definitely be impoverished as a result. Please Note: Many colleges look for at least one lab science on a student's transcript. In order to gain hands-on experience with a microscope, as is often included in a lab course, you may wish to purchase the Microscopy Supplies Kit (item 250-25).

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