Sarita's Vision

Sonlight's president shares the heart behind Sonlight

A personal challenge...

If I can encourage you in any way today, it would be in this:

  • Instill in your children a life-long love to learn.
  • Prepare them to engage new ideas.
  • Challenge them to impact the world.

I long to see families discover the joy of great literature and uncover an insatiable love to learn. I seek to help families build stronger relationships with one another and to help them grow to be ambassadors for Christ worldwide. And I want to help and encourage you in your homeschool journey.

Sonlight's beginning: Two friends, a garage, and a new way to homeschool

Eighteen years ago, my neighbor Becky and I were enjoying homeschooling our children with a less-stress approach to homeschool that centered around great books.

We'd hear about other moms who were stressed and burned out from homeschooling, and we wanted to do something to make learning come alive for families--in a way that preserves the parents' and children's heart, energy, and sanity!

We made it our goal to gather the best of the best literature and homeschool materials and offer them in one simple package with a thorough Instructor's Guide and schedule.

We started Sonlight Curriculum out of my garage and hand-printed our first catalog to hand out to friends. We're no longer in the garage, but that passion to offer the best of the best to homeschool families remains strong. I'd like to share a few of my own goals with you...

The Mission and Core Values of Sonlight

Sonlight seeks to reach families worldwide with remarkable, literature-rich, internationally-focused homeschool curriculum.

Our vision is to empower parents to nurture enthusiastic, life-long learners who are motivated and equipped to follow Christ wherever He leads and in whatever He calls them to do. (Mt. 6:33)

I and my team here at Sonlight strive to keep you front of mind and the following values at the very core of all we do:

  • Imitate Christ
  • Advance God's kingdom worldwide
  • Transform the world
  • Excel in service

These overarching goals affect your experience with our homeschool curriculum, so I want you to be on board!

My top goals for Sonlight... do they match your goals for your family?

(For more, see the article "Top Goals.")

  1. To teach students to seek God's Kingdom above and beyond everything else.
  2. To create a learner's heart and a desire to discover.
  3. To raise children with an international perspective and a godly heart for the world.
  4. To train children as effective ambassadors for Christ.
  5. To teach students not only biblical content but how to listen to other perspectives without losing their faith.
  6. To inspire students, to fulfill the work of true scholars.
  7. To create within our students a love for quality literature — and prepare them for action in both social and ethical issues.

Two values integrated into Sonlight's curriculum

Sarita Holzmann, founder and president of Sonlight, strongly believes in the benefit of reading and helping students see how they can make a difference in the world. These two values permeate every Sonlight program. Sarita says…

Inspiring Stories of People Who Made a Difference

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Blessings on you in your homeschool journey.

Sarita Holzmann