Why Buy a Complete Sonlight® Package?

When you buy a Sonlight® All-Subjects Package or History / Bible / Literature package, you get one of the best values in homeschool materials anywhere in the world.

How can we make such a claim?

You get materials and guidance to homeschool with confidence.

Homeschool parents are busy. We know that, and we've created packages that remove the stress of planning so you can enjoy the homeschool journey.

While other companies require you to do significant research, planning, and gathering of materials, Sonlight packages provide all your materials, schedules, teaching helps and more. So you can just open up your guide and learn together with your children each day. No planning. No researching books to fit in your schedule. No need to supplement unless you want to. Just lots of fascinating learning alongside your children! You can actually use Sonlight while you decide if it's right for you.

Sonlight backs each of our All-Subjects and History / Bible / Literature programs with a one-year money-back Love to Learn, Love to Teach™ Guarantee. That means you can use and evaluate the materials in your own home. We can afford this incredible guarantee because once families try Sonlight, very few ever return it.

You probably know that when you buy individual books (from us or other companies) you must keep them in "new, resalable" condition if you think you might return them. In other words, treat them with special care. Don't open them too far! Keep them away from food! But when you buy a Sonlight® History / Bible / Literature or All-Subjects Package you have none of these worries or fears.

How the guarantee works...

Buy any All-Subjects or History / Bible / Lit package and test it out; use the program as it was meant to be used.

Take a full year to use up to half (18 weeks worth) of the program.

Dive into your homeschool adventure. Read any and all of the books from weeks 1-18. Let your kids dog-ear the pages, write in the activity sheets and consume any resource from weeks 1-18. Gain hands-on experience with your curriculum--reading and teaching.

Then if you're still not convinced Sonlight is great for your family, return your program, used books and all, and we'll refund your entire purchase price. See page 150 for full details.

The 'Love to Learn' guarantee was what sold me my first year. We bought Sonlight A knowing we could actually use the product and see if it was a fit. Long story short, we loved it and now own 5 full Sonlight programs." --happylittlewonders

Surprise yourself with satisfying books you might otherwise miss...

What other benefits come from a whole Sonlight Package? For one, each Sonlight program includes books in a wide range of literary styles and genres. You may surprise yourself and say, as many have before: "I've never read a book like that before! I'm astonished at how much I enjoyed it!"

When you choose individual books for your children, you'll likely reject one if it seems hard to read, or of a different type or subject than usual.

But what if that book is part of a larger educational package that features many different genres? And the package includes a variety of works, most of which are well within your children's reading ability, but with some that are a bit easy and others that force your children to concentrate extra hard? We believe a great educational program will include such works. Don't you?

...and enjoy a mix of challenging and delightful books.

Homeschooling can't be all "sunshine and cotton candy." Students need to learn real discipline and hard work, and that includes reading hard books. Yet when your children have tackled a book that pushes their ability level, we think they deserve a breather: an excellent title that engages them emotionally, but that they can breeze through at a clip.

When you use a Sonlight package, your children grow from reading more widely than they probably would otherwise. Most families are thrilled with nearly every book in their Sonlight curriculum.

What if you already own books in the program you'd like to buy?

Even if you already have some Sonlight titles on your shelves, you still save money with a Sonlight program, because your total discount--not to mention additional value--is likely greater than the value of those books you already own. And wouldn't a few duplicate copies make great gifts? Just one great way a lot of Sonlighters use those occasional "second copies!"

When you buy an All-Subjects or History / Bible / Lit package, you become enjoy these perks:

Love to Learn money-back guarantee.
Take a full year to use and evaluate 18 weeks worth of your curriculum. If you and your kids don't love it, return it--used materials and all--for a full refund of your purchase price. Click here to learn more about Sonlight's Love to Learn guarantee.

FREE domestic shipping on every order.
Sonlight ships directly to you, anywhere in the world. In the lower 48 U.S. States, you pay nothing for our standard trackable shipping on every order—of any amount—for a full year. Remember: only All-Subjects Package and History / Bible / Literature purchases get free shipping (to the lower 48) on all orders.

Get Sonlight's biggest discount ever on your 20% off All-Subjects or 15% off History / Bible / Lit packages, plus 10% off nearly everything else you order for one full year.
Take 10% off almost everything Sonlight sells. (A select few publishers don't allow us to give this discount.) All year long. Your savings can add up fast.

Keep your benefits for life ... and even win help paying for college.

When you buy your fifth Sonlight program, you automatically get free standard domestic shipping (lower 48 States) and 10% discount as rest-of-your-life perks. This does not expire.

Sonlight Scholarships
In the last ten years, Sonlight Curriculum has awarded over $788,000 in college scholarships to students whose families bought and used Sonlight programs. This year, 13 winning seniors will receive a combined total of $92,000. Each will receive either $5,000, $2,500 or $1,000 every year for four years.

For your student to be eligible, you must have bought and used at least five Sonlight History / Bible / Literature programs since 2000. For requirements, application forms, deadlines and more, visit Sonlight's Scholarship page.

With a money-back guarantee, valuable perks and savings ... why not choose a complete package? Remove the stress of planning and homeschool with excellence: order a Sonlight® History / Bible / Literature or All-Subjects Package today.