Kindergarten Math Curriculum

Kindergarten Math Programs

Complete homeschool kindergarten math curriculum. Choose the math program that's the best fit for your family! Each option below has everything that you need for an entire school year of kindergarten math instruction.

Kindergarten Math Materials, Supplements & Manipulatives

Supplement your child's education with kindergarten math worksheets, kindergarten math games, individual workbooks, and more extras to strengthen your child's skills.

Horizons Math K

Students learn to count by 1's, 5's, 10's, 2's and 4's to 100; recognize and write all families to 100; add or subtract a single digit without regrouping; identify colors and shapes; name the days of the week and more.

Not sure which Kindergarten math lesson plans are right for your students?Try the Horizon's practice exams.

OR Singapore K Program

The Kindergarten math activities book contains a wide range of activities which introduce young children to basic math concepts of color, shape, size, number, length, weight, capacity, time, money, and graphs.