Homeschool Bible Curriculum

God's Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path (Psalm 119:105). Help your children know and love Scripture through Sonlight's simple and effective approach to teaching Bible.

Every History / Bible / Literature, Language Arts and Science package reflects a Christian worldview, and you'll find references to Scripture and Biblical ideas throughout your studies.

Furthermore, each All-Subjects and History / Bible / Literature Package includes a Bible study program. The goal of this homeschool Bible curriculum is to help you and your children read, memorize and talk about Scripture so that God's word becomes woven into the fabric of your lives.

Engage with the Bible

The first step to knowing and loving Scripture is to read Scripture. That's why each Sonlight program includes a disciplined but doable schedule of Scripture reading that helps you spend time in God's Word every day. For levels B through G, notes in your Instructor's Guide help you see the big picture of these readings and discuss them with your children. By the time they graduate, your kids will have read most of the Bible several times through.

Students will move beyond reading and hide God's Word in their hearts with a weekly memory passage. Levels A to G include a delightful CD that sets each week's memory work to fun music. Your children just might amaze you with what they can memorize through song!

Kid-friendly study books help your children dive further into the Bible and engage with it at an age-appropriate level. These books help your children learn about the Bible, help you talk about the Bible with your kids, and help them learn to apply Scripture to their own lives.

Give your children worthy heroes and a heart for the world

But that's not all. Sonlight wants to help you raise kids who share God's heart for the world. That's why our homeschool Bible curriculum programs encourage your family to pray for and serve others. Read fascinating books and resources about people who have never even heard the name of Jesus and help your kids learn to pray for them.

Be amazed as you learn about how God is working around the world. Read about that work through exciting biographies of missionaries and courageous Christians worldwide. These stories have inspired many children to live for God. Your kids will meet worthy Christian heroes they can admire and emulate.

Go deeper from pre-K to high school with our homeschool Bible curriculum

From ages 3 to 18, Sonlight's Bible programs are designed to help your children grasp foundational truths and gain skills for lifelong study of the Bible. Here's the general progression of our Bible programs:

Discover (Preschool, Pre-K, K, and A): Discover Jesus' love and the wonder of God's word through colorful Bible stories. Connect these stories with the overarching theme God shares in the Bible: that He cares about us personally and sent His Son Jesus to be our Savior.

Read (History / Bible / Literature B-F): Read through most of the Bible and discover God's heart for the nations. Explore how to pray for and serve others. Your students gradually learn to read the Bible on their own.

Survey (History / Bible / Literature G): Trace the story of God's redeeming love as you examine and overview the entire Bible. Study intriguing biblical culture, geography and archeology to better grasp the big-picture storyline.

Apply (History / Bible / Literature H, W and 100): Learn techniques for studying the Bible in-depth. Focus on life application and Christian living. Gain preparation for the challenges of high school and beyond.

Discern (History / Bible / Literature 200-400): Students learn to defend their faith biblically as they delve into apologetics and organized doctrinal studies. They focus on practical application of Scripture and serious study of worldview. Students prepare to stand strong in their faith when tested outside the home, and to enjoy their faith in a world that seems to hold less and less regard for Christ followers.

All along the way from pre-K to graduation, our homeschool Bible curriculum reminds students of the deep love Christ has for them personally and for all within His creation.

Raise kids who love Scripture and have a solid foundation for life

Your Sonlight adventure weaves the Bible into your everyday learning, so your kids grow up hearing, memorizing and treasuring God's Word in their lives. God says His Word does not return empty, but accomplishes what He intends (cf. Isaiah 55:11). Go deeper with our homeschool Bible curriculum and let's continue to soak up Scripture! We love helping you do that with your children.