FREE Sonlight Science Experiment - How do Fish Live at the Bottom of the Sea?FREE Sonlight Science Experiment - How do Fish Live at the Bottom of the Sea?

How do Fish Live at the Bottom of the Sea?


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Experience a hands-on experiment from Sonlight Science B!

Experience a hands-on science experiment from Sonlight Science B!

Watch the video on the right for a demonstration of the experiment How do Fish Live at the Bottom of the Sea? (included in Sonlight Science B). Then download the instructions by filling out the form below to print and follow along at home!

In this free printable science experiment, you’ll use the scientific process to conduct a simple, engaging, hands-on experiment to learn all about the effects of water pressure... and how the blobfish is able to survive in an environment with such immense water pressure! You’ll discover:

  • what water pressure is
  • what special adaptations marine animals in the abyssal zone have to help them survive their deep sea habitats
  • the four different habitat zones in the ocean.
  • and even make your own blobfish!

What makes Sonlight’s Discover & Do Science so engaging?

  • Science Instructor’s Guide
    Each Sonlight science program is anchored by an Instructor’s Guide provides the structure for your entire year, with everything clearly laid out. No need to create your own lesson plans!
  • A Collection of Great Books!
    Each science program comes with gorgeously illustrated books that captivate students and entice them to read more. Your children will gain a love of discovery and build a library of valuable references for years to come.
  • Hands-On Experiments
    There is no better way to delight your kids with the wonder of science than by experiencing it firsthand through hands-on experiments. Children won’t just memorize the steps of the scientific process; rather, they’ll conduct experiments at home and explore their world in an interactive way.
  • "Reading” and “Doing” Work Together
    Sonlight Science is an interconnected experience! Every week, your students will engage in an experiment directly tied to the content they’re studying in their books. The literature provides the context, while the experiments allow your children to experience the scientific process for themselves.
We loved this freebie! Are all of your science lessons this engaging and hands on? My daughter loved how the lesson was more than just science, but geography and civic responsibility. And the video component was awesome—her favorite! —H family Sonlighters

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