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2018 Winter Olympics Activity Book

The 2018 Winter Olympics took place in PyeongChang, South Korea. Download this free printable activity book to learn all about South Korea.


Use this FREE unit study as supplementary material for any child (or adult!) or just as a fun way to prepare for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.

There's something magical about watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. Every four years, a different country gives us a peek into their unique and amazing culture.

These events are a great opportunity to incorporate Olympic themed activities, crafts and learning in the classroom, homeschool or at home with the entire family.

You may be wondering: Where is PyeongChang? In this Winter Olympic printable, you'll learn many interesting facts about South Korea and complete nine days of hands-on activities including mapping the location of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

What's Included in this Free Winter Olympics Printable:

  • 9 days of Winter Olympic activities for kids (or adults)
  • Quick overview of the history of the Olympics
  • 20 pages from Sonlight's Journey to the Eastern Hemisphere covering culture, art, geography, economics, politics, and history-perfect for a unit study of South Korea.
  • Full-color images and maps of South Korea
  • Quick facts about North and South Korea - to learn at a glance
  • 6 printable notebooking pages to fill in, including… a timeline activity, a map of Korea activity, and more!

Enjoy some family fun together and download this FREE ebook today!

Discover the volcanic caves on the island of Cheju, learn about a hanbok-traditional Korean dress, find out about some favorite sports in South Korea (like Tae kwon do), compare the different flags of North and South Korea, and make kimchi — a traditional side dish from Korea. You'll also learn about the history of Korea and how it became two separate nations. Each day features a coordinating worksheet activity for kids.

Download Your Free Winter Olympics Printable Activity Book

This ebook includes everything you need to get a great overview of the beautiful nation of South Korea — perfect to prepare for the 2018 Winter Olympics.