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The Benefits of Homeschooling

Discover if homeschooling is right for your family! The benefits, challenges and even Sonlight founder Sarita Holzmann she shares some of the biggest benefits that she found homeschooling offered her family.


Inside this free eBook, you will find sincere meditations on seven benefits of homeschooling, including:


Get answers to socialization questions and discover why this common protest about why not to homeschool is actually a fabulous reason to homeschool.


Learn more about getting your kids moving and why this unexpected reason to homeschool is uniquely suited to homeschooling.


The Gift of Time, and why a childhood spent on your own schedule can make a huge difference in your quality of life.


Discover why parents can offer each of their children an education at their own pace and with a curriculum that is best suited to their individual needs.

This Benefits of Homeschooling eBook Includes Seven Intriguing Articles on Why Homeschooling Might Be Right for You!

When John Holzmann first suggested to his wife Sarita that they consider homeschooling, her initial response was, “You aren’t going to tie me down like that!”

At the time, Sarita could have used some suggestions on the benefits of homeschooling. But after she started homeschooling, she found that she loved it, so much so that she started Sonlight Curriculum.

And now she shares with you some of the biggest benefits that she found homeschooling offered her family. These seven messages might not entirely persuade you to homeschool, but you’ll have a better understanding why some families do.

You'll end encouraged and inspired by these messages from a homeschooler who started under protest, and soon became a homeschooling advocate.

Millions of families around the world choose homeschooling. Download The Benefits of Homeschooling now and see the difference this might make in your family.

Download this free Benefits of Homeschooling eBook and start getting excited about this opportunity for your family!

Wherever you are in your homeschooling journey – whether you have a baby and are just starting to research your schooling options, or whether your children are in a brick-and-mortar school and you wonder if homeschooling might be a better choice, or whether you are already homeschooling and you could use a little encouragement, this value-packed eBook will build your excitement about this wonderful option, that tens of thousands of families have enjoyed through the years.