Choosing Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Choose your Sonlight curriculum in just 3 easy steps!

1) Pick a History / Bible / Literature Program

Because History / Bible / Literature is the centerpiece of Sonlight Curriculum, and since each History / Bible / Literature program provides an excellent education for a range of ages, start here.

What do you want to study this year? If your children are within three years of one another in age, consider combining them into one program. (It's a joy to watch siblings play together after they've heard the same story. They often incorporate the characters and storyline.) Learn more about teaching multiple students with one program here.

2) Add essential subjects

You have a number of options …

Readers – For Sonlight K-C, pick a Reader pack that will work for each child you're teaching. Click here for Reader packages. Take a quick placement test here. For Sonlight D and up, the Readers are included.

Language Arts – Language Arts is built off your Readers. However, your students may be further ahead in reading than writing. Click here to take a quick placement test to ensure you get the right LA program for your student in the lower levels. From level D and up, match the LA program with your History level.

Science – Typically, you can simply choose the same level Science that you chose for your Sonlight History / Bible / Literature program, e.g., Science D with Sonlight D. If your children don't care to work independently, it's common (and perfectly fine) to combine everyone into one Science program. Click here for Science programs.

Math – Choose one program for each child. Click here to learn about the homeschool Math programs Sonlight offers. Click here for free math placement tests.

Handwriting – This is included in the All-Subjects Packages through third grade. After that, it's optional. Click here to learn more about Handwriting.

Spelling – For students in Sonlight K-C, spelling is included in the Language Arts Guide, and is based on words students learn to read. For students from Sonlight D on (or earlier, if you choose), pick the program you prefer. Then choose a book for each child, according to ability. Click here to learn more about Spelling.

3) Enhance your year with electives & enrichment

Electives – We've selected our favorite resources from art appreciation, to music appreciation and performance, foreign language, STEM and much more, along with additional opportunities through the years (P.E., Computer Coding, Critical Thinking and more). Electives are organized by Sonlight program, but feel free to choose your own.

Want help?

Create a customized curriculum package with SmoothCourse™

This guided tool will help you build a complete and personalized Sonlight curriculum package to match your children’s skills across all subjects. We'll walk you through the steps and even help you add and combine multiple students. Build your personalized homeschool curriculum package with SmoothCourse™

Choose an All-Subjects Package

These complete, packages include our best recommendations for everything you'll need for a typical child in K, 1st, etc. Get it all with one click when you buy an All-Subjects Package. All-Subjects Packages offer the convenience of an all-in-one boxed curriculum but provide the flexibility of customization for your specific needs or multiple children.

Call or Chat with an Advisor

This is no call center! Rather, our Advisors are Sonlight homeschooling parents. Chat with them about your vision and challenges and they'll help you find what you need. Click here for free help from a Sonlight Homeschool Advisors.