Non-Consumable Science Supplies Kit NSK

Non-Consumable Science Supplies Kit

This item has been discontinued.


Required Resource for ALL Science Levels except PreK and F. Includes basic, non-consumable science supplies, some of which are required in the Science A Program, and all of which will be used in years to come. The best part? You only need one for your whole family!

  • clay
  • clothespins
  • coated wire
  • corks
  • dowel
  • eyedropper/pipette
  • iron filings pack
  • large paper clips
  • magnet pack
  • magnifying glass
  • marble
  • masking tape
  • mirrors
  • small paper clips
  • spools
  • steel nail
  • straight pins
  • tacks
  • thermometer
  • tubing
  • washers

If you wonder if you really need these materials, please see the two charts that show when items in the Non-Consumable Science Kit really get used.

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