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Age Range: 17-18 & above
Grade Range: 11-12
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An incredible Internet-based resource for teaching your high schoolers about Modern Economics, both macro and micro.


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An incredible Internet-based resource for teaching your high schoolers about Modern Economics—both macro and micro.

Thinkwell combines dynamic online multimedia video lectures and interactive exercises for a powerful learning experience.

Please Note: Thinkwell subscriptions cannot be returned if the packaging has been opened. Good for one student for 12 months. You need a subscription for each additional student.

Did you know: Economics is NOT about money...

That's one of the fundamental lessons your high-schooler will learn in Sonlight's new Economics program.

Economics is one of the most important, yet least understood, disciplines in academics. Free markets? Interest rates? All those graphs? Economics confuses and frustrates students and adults alike. That's why we carefully designed Sonlight's new Economics program to demystify and simplify all that jargon. We believe this new Economics program is unparalleled in today's homeschool market.

If you're familiar at all with Sonlight, you know to expect an educational experience that goes well beyond the "regular" textbook approach. As we developed Sonlight's Economics program, it became clear to us that the material required something more than what a textbook—or any single book—could provide. It needs to be truly taught (by an expert in the field), which is incredibly challenging to pull off in a homeschool!

That's why we were so excited to discover Thinkwell's Economics program...

This "Next-Generation Textbook" powers a new way of thinking.

We believe this Thinkwell program truly is from—and for—the next generation. This material doesn't look anything like a traditional textbook! Instead, your comprehensive study of Economics (macro and micro) features a fascinating combination of lectures and Internet-based applications.

In fact, here's what you can expect from the Thinkwell Economics program:

  • Engaging multimedia video lectures by Professor Steven Tomlinson accompanied by dynamic, interactive animations.

    Rather than reading dense chunks of text for homework, students watch a series of 262 tutorials filled with illustrations, examples, even humor. Students report learning material more easily with Thinkwell's program than with traditional textbooks.
  • Rigorous teaching/learning exercises for your students, automatically graded for you and them!

    Hundreds of exercises reinforce the subject matter in the lectures themselves. Fully worked-out solutions and explanations for the right and wrong answers teach further. Students can work on the exercises at the computer or print them out to work on later. Once they enter their answers in the computer, grading is done automatically!

We believe the Thinkwell program will provide invaluable experience for your students. The video lectures will help them get used to taking notes from a lecture format. Moreover, comparing their own notes to the review notes will help them take better notes themselves—this alone is a wonderful added benefit that will help students immensely as they prepare for college.

Thinkwell co-founder Dan Heath writes:

I had an amazing microeconomics professor when I was a freshman in college. In the first minute of the first day of class, he asked a question: Why do you always see multiple gas stations clustered on the same street corner? It seems a bit crazy, when you think about it. Why would a gas station owner deliberately position himself next to the competition?

An hour later, we knew the answer. More importantly, in the span of one class period, we had learned that economics is not about money. It's about a new way of thinking.

That class was full of ideas that stuck with me. They're etched into my memory—I can remember them clearly 15 years later...

I co-founded Thinkwell ten years ago because I wanted... [a] textbook that would be more memorable... more useful... I wanted a textbook that was "sticky".

I knew we couldn't pull off this vision on our own. So when we went looking to sign up our first author, we knew exactly where to go—to the office of my college microeconomics professor, Steven Tomlinson.

Yes. Tomlinson is the man who teaches the course your students will be taking!

A few additional notes about Professor Tomlinson:

  • He holds a Ph.D. in economics from Stanford University.
  • He taught economics and finance for 15 years at The University of Texas McCombs School of Business, where he also designed and directed the MBA professional development program.
  • University of Texas MBA students voted Tomlinson "Outstanding Core Faculty in the MBA Program" three times.
  • He is the Director of Curriculum for Austin's Acton School of Business MBA program.
  • He is an accomplished playwright and performer. His solo performances led the Austin Chronicle to name him "Austin's Best Monologist."

Sonlight's complete Economics program helps you get the most from this resource!

While this Thinkwell program forms the spine of the new Sonlight Economics course, we felt that a program focused entirely on modern—almost exclusively secular—economic theories would fail to present a truly well-rounded, balanced view of the subject.

That's why Sonlight combines the Thinkwell program with modern literature and your Bible for the truly deep, balanced tour of Modern Economics you'd expect from us. The complete Sonlight Economics program also (of course) includes an exclusive Instructor's Guide packed with teaching help. The ready-to-use daily schedule covers the entire half-year (18 weeks) course, and walks students through with a wealth of notes, comprehension questions (with answers), thought-provoking "starters" for journal writing, plus TWO lesson plans—one for general study and a more in-depth schedule for preparing your high-schooler to take the AP exams!

You can order this Thinkwell program alone, or as part of the complete Sonlight Economics.


A good math foundation is required for this course; we recommend Algebra 2 as a prerequisite.

Note: Advanced Placement, Advanced Placement Program, and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

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Take up to one year to use your curriculum. If you don’t love it, return it! Complete details here.

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