Thinking about teaching preschool to your little ones? 

The opportunity to learn is a true gift you are giving your children. Preschool is a rewarding time to lay a foundation for growth and skills.

Sonlight’s Preschool Program is designed to address the developmental needs of young children with a fun, relaxed, and interactive approach. You’ll spend your days filled with

  • purposeful play
  • hands-on discovery
  • plenty of quality family time
  • reading and discussing great stories
  • and much more!
The M Family, Sonlighters from Bartlett, TNThe M Family, Sonlighters from Bartlett, TN
The M Family, Sonlighters from Bartlett, TN

Small people's brains are built on ACTIVE sensory input. They need awesome, beautiful books, the great outdoors, meaningful activities, and most of all, you.⁠ That's where Sonlight comes in! They've done the work for you and put together an awesome package of books and developmentally appropriate sensory activities that give you peace of mind.


The combination of the literature and the Montessori activities is the perfect balance between structure and self-directed learning.


Do I really need a program to teach my preschooler?

Sonlight’s no-pressure preschool program includes everything you need to enjoy learning with your child… from favorite children’s book classics to engaging games and hands-on Montessori-style materials and activities—this program has it all.

Discover what it looks like to use Sonlight's preschool program to enrich your preschooler's days in this video.

Lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning

These beginning years lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Sonlight’s preschool program fosters an environment rich in learning experiences and nurtures your child’s natural curiosity to explore and discover the world around them.

With Sonlight, you’ll instill wonder, excitement, and a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

The H Family SonlightersThe H Family Sonlighters
The H Family Sonlighters

Sonlight Preschool is a beautifully designed curriculum that translates the Montessori method into simple-to-understand units and activities. This curriculum brings Montessori into the home for families everywhere, and Maria Montessori would be pleased!

The M. Family Sonlighters

Let’s be honest, multitasking with babies and preschoolers is difficult for homeschool moms. That’s why I love all the prep work Sonlight does for me to prepare for the school year.

The L. Family Sonlighters from Postville, IA

MOPS & Sonlight

The F Family, Sonlighters from Ada, MIThe F Family, Sonlighters from Ada, MI
The F Family, Sonlighters from Ada, MI

Your preschool days, fully planned

Sonlight's preschool program includes a fully-planned Instructor’s Guide that gives you clear guidance and a wealth of purposeful activities and reading done just 3 days a week. Just open the guide and follow the daily schedule—the list of reading passages, hands-on projects, and explorations are all planned out for you. You’ll enjoy a flexible routine that gives your home a sense of pleasant predictability that preschoolers thrive in.

Sonlight’s preschool program gives your child these key skills:


  • Develop spatial reasoning and fine motor skills through hands-on play
  • Strengthen fine motor skills in preparation for writing by tracing shapes and letters, using scissors, and sorting
  • Practice fine motor coordination through daily practical life skills—cutting food with a safety knife, pouring liquids, and sweeping


  • Strengthen pre-reading skills through a sound of the week activity that emphasizes the phonetic pronunciation
  • Build pre-writing skills by learning how to write lowercase letters
  • Begin learning a foreign language
  • Hear cadence and rhyme


  • Gain an introduction to early math skills & understand quantities and numbers from 1-10
  • Wade into rudimentary science
  • Introduce science and social studies children can see by exploring a farm with animals, how food is digested, our five senses, how we grow, and what people do for work in the community


  • Grow in their cultural literacy
  • Explore various styles of music: praise and worship, classic preschool songs, the phonetic alphabet song, and songs that make you move


  • Gain self-confidence, independence, and personal responsibility
  • Master listening skills
  • Develop compassion and empathy

We love how Sonlight is organized and takes us through our day with so many ways to apply what we are learning to our family and the world around us.

The Y. family Sonlighters, from Clarks Summit, PA

If you are going to homeschool long-term or just planning to do some formal preschooling at home, this is a resource literature-loving homeschool mamas don't need to miss! Sonlight’s preschool curriculum package comes with over twenty awesome picture books, hands-on manipulatives, preschool activity books, and a teacher’s guide to help you know exactly what to do with your kids each day. The curriculum is a 36-week program that is going to prepare your preschooler to begin learning phonics in kindergarten, give them a glimpse of things in God’s world, help them develop cognitive and developmental skills, and expose them to the Bible, history, and art.


Your preschooler's exciting adventure of learning is just beginning!

Enrich your preschooler's days with tips from our blog!

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