Key Reasons to Shop With Us

Here are nine unique reasons for you to shop at Sonlight Curriculum.

  1. We are committed to your children's education. More importantly, we are committed to helping you raise children who love to learn through our homeschool curriculum.
  2. We are committed to socially responsible and ethical business practices.
  3. We are committed to excellence. For each product you see in our catalog, we've considered 14 others. You can be sure we have not been lazy in our selections. Furthermore, we review hundreds of the "latest and greatest" resources every year to find those we believe will actually improve your homeschooling experience.
  4. We are committed to your satisfaction. That's why we offer our one year Love to Learn, Love to Teach™ Guarantee.
  5. We are committed to your success. Every year we invest countless hours to review your comments and suggestions. And we use those inputs to improve the Sonlight Instructor's Guides — the guides that make your homeschooling adventure as easy and enjoyable as possible.
  6. We are committed to good causes. Sonlight, through the Holzmann family, gives a minimum of 10% of its pretax profits to non-profit organizations such as Frontiers, Mission India, Wycliffe Bible Translators—especially through their affiliate, The Seed Company, Life Dynamics, Far East Broadcasting Co., and Alternatives Pregnancy Center. We try to focus our charitable contributions on a few agencies. By focusing our efforts in this way, we feel we can be more deeply involved and help to achieve more significant results.
  7. We are committed to giving you world-class service. In fact, we strive to ship your order to you within three business days of the time we receive it. It doesn't even matter if it's the end of August, the time when "everybody" is ordering... we'll STILL work to ship your order within three days. (We ship most orders within one or two days.)
  8. We are committed to giving you world-class service, even if you're making a return. If you return any materials you've purchased, we will process your return within 10 business days of receiving your materials.
  9. We are committed to being there for you. Not only can you contact us via phone, email, fax, or postal mail, you can also go to Sonlight Connections and other social media to connect with fellow homeschoolers.

For all of these reasons and more, maybe you would like to consider joining the Sonlight family of homeschoolers.