The Sonlight Decision

Choosing your homeschool curriculum is an important decision. So why is Sonlight a great choice for your homeschool?

The Most Important Decision You'll Make As A Parent

The V Family

The V Family
Ontario, Canada

Your children's spiritual, social, intellectual and physical well-being is the most important concern you have as a parent. How do you plan to help your sons and daughters reach their full potential?

Sonlight believes that you are best-suited to guide your children to adulthood. No one loves them like you. As a Sonlight homeschool family, you'll grow close, talking and wondering, laughing and learning together. As you accompany them on their journey, we'll give you the tools to prepare your precious gifts for their future.

Several key considerations

As you weigh your educational options, along with factors such as prep time, ease of use, cost, etc., (a decision not best made in a hurried manner or high-pressure sales environment), consider these guidelines:

What type of program would best fit our children's learning styles?

How do our core beliefs align with the philosophy and values of the potential curriculum provider?

Do we believe the curriculum in question will help us shape our kids into the adults we envision?

Give them a lifelong love of learning

For 25 years, Sonlight has helped hundreds of thousands of families enjoy learning together. See how they graded the experience at

You too can give your children a lifelong love of learning. If they love learning, they'll succeed wherever God calls or life leads. And one day looking back, like so many other Sonlighters you'll say, "It was worth it!"

What Are Your Hopes And Dreams For Your Children?

The K Family

The K Family

Sonlight shares your goals

As parents, you welcomed your children into the world, have their best interests in mind and are excited about their future. What kind of person do you envision your son or daughter will become?

Our Christ-centered curriculum makes it a priority to help your children realize their worth, find their place and fulfill their purpose. They'll have the opportunity to become great listeners and deep thinkers. They'll possess a broad understanding of and compassion for the world, and an ability to impact it for God's glory.

Whatever your goals for your family, we'll show you how to ignite the joy of discovery and build a foundation of close relationships from which young lives can successfully launch.

If you want your children to grow strong and live life to the fullest, give them some Sonlight. We'll help you bring your dreams - and theirs - to fruition. They'll love learning and you'll love teaching them. Guaranteed.

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Our Educational Philosophy? In A Word: Story

The L Family

The L Family
Bountiful, UT

When it comes to literature-rich curriculum, Sonlight wrote the book

We're the original literature-based homeschool curriculum. Reading is the foundation for comprehension and critical thinking in every arena, from history and language arts to math and science. Because humans are wired for story, we believe the most effective way to learn is by reading stories.

Why use great literature – the best books ever written – as the foundation for learning? A single book can distill the wisdom of an entire lifetime in a few pages ... offer insights and perspectives unlike our own ... and open doors to delight and discovery, where curious minds are inspired to roam and grow.

The result of a literature-rich education? Individuals who are highly inquisitive and invested in learning for life.

"Read me another story, Mom, please?"

With Sonlight, you'll read to your children early on and often. And soon enough, they'll read to you. School days will find your family snuggled together on the couch or wherever a teachable moment takes you.

The whole family (Mom and Dad included) will be captivated by the books we put in your hands. We call them Sonlight All-Stars, and they have to pass a seven-point test to make our curriculum starting lineup.

As your students connect with inspiring characters and cultures through spellbinding stories, imaginations will soar and lively discussions occur. As you experience these stories together, you'll form shared values, strengthen bonds and develop lasting memories that create your own family story.

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Raise Children Who Seek A Higher Calling

The H Family

The H Family
Jourdanton, TX

We prepare the way to pass on your values

How will your children discover that God loves them deeply and has a wonderful plan for their lives?

We believe that parents who talk with their children frequently about important issues gain influence and earn trust. The Bible, personal faith, spiritual matters and world religions weave seamlessly throughout our curriculum to help your children understand God's kingdom and the essential role they have the privilege to play as the eternal story unfolds.

Our time-saving Instructor's Guide with preplanned lessons is the best teacher's helper you'll ever have. Detailed notes and discussion questions pave the way to communicate easily and openly, so your wisdom and worldview are transferred naturally over time. We've done the work for you, so you can concentrate on what matters most and enjoy your time together.

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Give Your Students An Academic Advantage

The S Family

The S Family
Zachary, LA

Sonlight brings the library to your home

It's true: Sonlight is academically rigorous. For about the cost of a cup of coffee per day, your kids will receive a premium education that includes a lot of great books.

Why so many wonderful books? Research indicates that children from families rich in books are nearly 20 percentage points more likely to complete college than those who don't grow up with a home library. A large home library lets kids read favorites again and again, fostering a love of reading and learning.

Our graduates have an A+ future

We've been creating curriculum that delivers exceptional results for a quarter century. Our all-subjects All-Subjects Packages include everything you need to teach for a year. Combined with parental involvement, we believe that a Sonlight education surpasses all other options.

Sonlight college scholarship applicants regularly outpace their peers. In a recent review, our applicants' average SAT score was 461 points above the national average. We've awarded more than $1 million in college scholarships to date!

At the conclusion of our preschool-to-college-prep program, your students will possess a top-tier education. Sonlight graduates – now authors, doctors, elected officials, engineers, entrepreneurs, elected officials, lawyers, homeschool parents, missionaries and more – are pursuing their dreams and making their mark around the world every day.

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We're With You Every Step Of The Journey

We understand that the choice to homeschool is among the most important decisions you'll ever make. Sonlight Homeschool Advisors are available year-round, at no charge, to walk you through your ongoing learning adventure. Chat, email or phone us whenever you need assistance or encouragement.



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Connect With The Family Of Sonlighters

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How Does Sonlight Compare To Others?

As you prayerfully consider what's best for your family, use this checklist to see how Sonlight compares with other curriculum options:

Package content Sonlight Option B Option C
Will my children develop critical thinking skills by discussing various points of view on controversial issues? Yes
Are all subjects provided—history, Bible, math, science, language arts? Yes
Can I customize the curriculum to meet the needs of my children? Yes
Are all books and materials needed for a year of school included in a program? Do I save time by not going to the library or having to track stuff down? Yes
Prep time
Are the weekly activities laid out in a clear schedule? Yes
Do the teacher guides include everything I need to teach? Do I save time by not having to create lesson plans? Yes
Are the teacher guides flexible and easily adaptable to my situation and lifestyle? Yes
Do the hands-on activities require minimal parent prep work? Yes
Are there extensive teaching notes and questions in all levels of the teacher guides, so that I will be able to teach my children through high school, should I so choose? Yes
Is all the planning and research done for me so I can simply and easily teach? Yes
Practical considerations
Will this program effectively instruct my children, using methods appropriate for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners? Yes
Will this program teach and excite me, as well as my children? Yes
Will this curriculum challenge my children? Yes
Is this program both structured, but also flexible to meet the specific needs of my family? Yes
Can I return my curriculum package if I use it for a few months and decide it's not a good fit for my family? Yes
Can I teach multiple children with one program? Yes
Can I reuse curriculum with younger siblings? Yes
Is there a payment plan option (with no fees or interest)? Yes
Do I have access to free one-on-one help whenever I have questions? Yes

Download this helpful PDF to guide you in your decision.