Inspire Your Children to Learn

How reading great literature can ignite your children's passion to learn

If the thought of school or learning bores your kids to tears, then Sonlight Curriculum could be what you've been looking for. Wouldn't you love to witness your child's newfound eagerness to learn? Or see your child's enthusiasm explode? I know it may sound impossible, but it's not as unlikely as you think.

Sonlight Curriculum believes that while it's certainly a worthy goal to give children a quality education, the best education will give them two priceless things.

First, it will not only give your children a foundation of knowledge upon which to build; it will create within them a desire to learn—so they will keep on learning . . . in "school" . . . or out.

Second, the best education will reward students with regular "Aha!" and "Oh! I never knew that!" kinds of experiences. In other words, it will make the process of learning delightful.

John and Sarita Holzmann, the owners of Sonlight Curriculum, purposefully authored and designed their homeschool programs to make education a pleasure. How does it benefit your children if the thought of learning doesn't excite them? Or if they resist reading books? I'm sure you'd agree: very little progress can be made in either situation!

So how does Sonlight Curriculum inspire your student to love to learn?

The "Secret" About Sonlight Curriculum

The "secret" about Sonlight Curriculum really comes down to our philosophy of education. We believe that most children respond more positively to great literature than they do to textbooks.

Stories captivate young minds. Once a good book grabs your child's attention, you'll find that the educational process becomes relatively painless--because your child will actually want to read!

Many of our customers have stories almost identical to Janice's. She wrote in October 2002 to tell us, "I first started Sonlight two years ago because I thought that exposure to LOTS of books would help my daughter who hated to read, and really had a hard time at it. Now, two years later, my daughter tells me her favorite subject is reading!"

Because of our strong belief in the ability of great literature to interest and educate children, we have founded our curriculum on quality books that present content in a highly engaging fashion.

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