Third-Party Services

Third-Party Ad Choices

Sonlight works with trusted partners to create interest-based ads that may be displayed when you visit other websites. In order to tailor ads to your interests, our partners may collect anonymous details about your visit to You may learn more about Sonlight's interest-based advertising activities or choose to opt out using the links provided.

What happens if I opt out?

If you opt-out, our third party advertising partners will no longer use information about your visit to to show you interest-based advertising from Sonlight. An opt-out cookie will be set on your browser that stores your preference for each partner. If you clear your browser's cookies or use a different browser to visit our site, our partners will not be able to retrieve your opt-out preference and you will need to opt-out again.

Opting out of Sonlight's interest-based advertising activities is not the same thing as opting out of ads. You will still see ads, and you may even see ads from Sonlight that are not interest-based.

To stop receiving interest-based ads from Sonlight, visit the links to each of our third-party advertising partners's websites below.

Our Interest-Based Advertising Partners

Calendly About Calendly Opt-Out of Calendly
CallFire About CallFire Opt-Out of CallFire
Facebook Ads About Facebook Ads Opt-Out of Facebook Ads
Facebook Pixel About Facebook Pixel Opt-Out of Facebook Pixel
Google Adwords About Google Adwords Opt-Out of Google Adwords
Google Analytics About Google Analytics Opt-Out of Google Analytics
Google Call Tracking About Google Call Tracking Opt-Out of Google Call Tracking
Google Customer Match About Google Customer Match Opt-Out of Google Customer Match
Klaviyo About Klaviyo Opt-Out of Klaviyo
LivePerson About LivePerson Opt-Out of LivePerson
LiveEngage About LiveEngage Opt-Out of LiveEngage
Outbrain About Outbrain Opt-Out of Outbrain
Pinterest About Pinterest Opt-Out of Pinterest
Pinterest Actalike About Pinterest Actalike Opt-Out of Pinterest
RetargetLinks About RetargetLinks Opt-Out of RetargetLinks
SurveyMonkey About SurveyMonkey Opt-Out of SurveyMonkey
YouTube About YouTube Opt-Out of YouTube
Zendesk About Zendesk Opt-Out of Zendesk

If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this anonymous information used by third-party service providers, please visit

Shipping and Order Processing

  • Acumatica
  • FedEx
  • First Data
  • Magento
  • TransUnion
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