Backorder Status

You may order any of these items now. We plan to ship these items starting on their "Expected Availability" date. We update these charts once every business day. Please check back if the status of your backordered items is not yet displayed.

Backorder Shipping Policy

  • We strive to ship your order as soon as possible.
  • We will promptly send you one shipment of all the in-stock items. If your backordered items are used within the first 3 weeks of your curriculum we will ship them out as soon as we receive them.
  • Then, we will send you a second shipment when all the backordered items are available.

International Shipments

For international shipments, Sonlight will hold orders containing backordered items for up to four weeks in order to ship all possible materials together.

Drop-Shipped Items

We special order a few items—such as the less common Binocular Microscope—as needed. These items are not backordered, but it will take an extra 10 business days for your items to ship.

Backorder Billing Policy

There are no additional shipping fees on backordered items.

For PayPal Orders: If your order contains a backorder, you will be charged in full for all items (including backordered items) at checkout.

For All Other Orders: We bill you when your goods are shipped. You will not be charged for backordered items until we send them to you. We will bill the payment method used at the time of checkout when the backorder is ready to ship.

Backordered Items

Instructor's Guides

SKU Title Expected Availability
There are no backorders at this time.
SKU Title Expected Availability
S-320-PG History 320 Parent Guide 2022-5-27
S-320-SG History 320 Student Guide 2022-5-27
S-SUSG 50 States Unit Study (Instructor's Guide Only) 2022-6-1

*Date Format: YYYY-MM-DD

While you wait, you may want to download the first 3 weeks of these guides.

Books, Materials, and Other Items

SKU Title Expected Availability
There are no backorders at this time.
SKU Title Expected Availability
S-AS11 Light is All Around Us 2022-05-31
S-EH18 Patriotic Kids' Songs CD 2022-05-20
S-330-49 The Moves Make the Man 2022-05-06

*Date Format: YYYY-MM-DD

Thank you for your patience! If you have any questions, please contact us.