Facing the Facts (11-14 years old) RR47

Facing the Facts (11-14 years old)

God's Design For Sex (Book 4)

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  • Author: Stan Jones, Brenna B. Jones
  • Christian Publisher
  • Binding: Pb
  • Pages: 125

The Facing the Facts: The Truth About Sex and You book was written to help you communicate comfortably and truthfully with your children.

All the material from the earlier books: The Story of Me, Before I Was Born, and What's the Big Deal? plus more...and in much greater detail. Talks about love and dating (and how not to confuse hormonal urges with something really serious!); how to deal with friends who are not following God's ways; masturbation; homosexuality...Includes detailed pen-and-ink drawings designed to help boys and girls realize the truth about their bodies: "Yes, you are normal if your breasts look like this;" "Yes, you are normal if your penis looks like that." You'll want to read it, of course, but Facing the Facts: The Truth About Sex and You was written for your child to read on his or her own.

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