What's The Big Deal? (8-11 years old) RR46

What's The Big Deal? (8-11 years old)

God's Design For Sex (Book 3)

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  • Author: Stan Jones, Brenna B. Jones
  • Christian Publisher
  • Binding: Pb
  • Pages: 89

Written and illustrated for you to read with and your child to help you communicate comfortably and truthfully.

Reviews, expands upon, and reinforces the material in the first two books, The Story of Me and Before I Was Born. Focuses on why God intends sex to be reserved for marriage while also seeking to "inoculate" your child against the negative moral messages of the world. Some of the tougher issues addressed: "What is AIDS?" "What does 'gay' mean?" "What is a 'period'?" "What is sexual abuse?"

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