Life of Fred: Financial Choices RM227

Life of Fred: Financial Choices

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  • Author: Stanley F. Schmidt, Ph.D.
  • Binding: Hb

10th grade through adults. Use this book of finance for kids over and over with multiple students. All answers are written on separate paper or in a notebook. It is designed to be read with the student. This book covers 34 lessons.

If you wear clothes and eat and live indoors, this book is for you. You'll also learn about credit cards, investments, retirement, insurance, taxes, habits of success, real estate, stocks, bonds, mortgages, REITS, certificates of deposit, mutual funds, and even some pointers on finding a spouse!

This book is designed for students 10th grade through adults. You will cover...

  • The Difference Between Income and Assets
  • The Difference Between Expenses and Liabilities
  • Two Ways to Compute Your Financial Health (net worth)
  • Arguments Against Overspending
  • Which Assets Lose Value Quickly
  • Fiat Currency
  • Figuring Future Value under Compound Interest
  • Figuring How Long to Pay off a $5,000 Loan at 18% Interest with Payments of $80/month (Most College Graduates with Science Majors Don't Know How to Compute That)
  • Setting Goals for Your Life
  • Detailed Guide to the Five Asset Classes
  • Buying vs. Renting
  • How to Decide How Much to Spend
  • How to Retire in 24 Years
  • The Rule of 72
  • Investing in Real Estate
  • The Use of Leverage
  • Investing in Education – the Seven Advantages of College and Also Reasons Not to Go
  • Paper Investments
  • Investing in Things You Can Touch
  • Growing Your Own Business
  • The Story of Inflation in Germany in the 1920s
  • When to Hire
  • Arguments for Being Employed/Going on Welfare/Owning a Business
  • What It Means to Take an Oath
  • When to Choose Which Business You Want to Be In
  • Reinventing Who You Are in 5,000 Hours
  • How to Keep Your Drive Alive
  • Money vs. Happiness
  • Seven Ways to Get Startup Capital
  • Dealing with Failure
  • Five Suggestions for Finding a Supportive Spouse
  • Dealing with Procrastination/Windfalls/Falling in Love
  • What Not to Talk about When You First Meet a Potential Spouse
  • What to Disclose on the Third Date
  • Checklist of Personal Habits for Success
  • Learning Skills in Negotiating
  • The Hard Task of Making Decisions That Close off Alternatives in Your Life
  • How Wealth in a Society Is Created
  • and much more . . .

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