Musical Era Bundle

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Develop excellent listeners, and make over four hundred years of musical history come alive, using the SQUILT technique of Super Quiet Uninterrupted Listening Time.

With your open-and-go pdf download, you’ll teach your children about beautiful music, how to listen for and speak about the essential elements in a piece of music, and about the grammar of music.

With each lesson, you’ll use noteboooking sheets with four things to listen to:

  • Dynamics: the volume, or how loud and soft—the single factor that most clearly separates the professionals from the talented amateurs
  • Rhythm and Tempo: the speed, and the movement (think about a waltz—it moves different than a hymn)
  • Instrumentation: what instruments perform, and how does that affect the piece?
  • Mood: how does the piece feel?

After you read some background information, you’ll listen to the piece, one time through, super quiet. Then you’ll listen again, and fill in what you’re hearing.

Are some of your children not yet good writers? There’s a printable for them to draw what they hear—no writing required.

You’ll also find enrichment activities and a notebooking page for each composer.

By the fifth or sixth piece, your children will be excellent listeners.

This covers four musical eras, and each of these eras includes ten lessons.

  1. Baroque (1600-1750), where you’ll learn about works by Pachelbel, Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, and more.
  2. Classical (1750-1820), where you’ll learn about works by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and more.
  3. Romantic (1820-1900), where you’ll learn about works by Schubert, Berlioz, Chopin, Liszt, Wagner, Verdi, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, and Strauss.
  4. Modern (1900-present), where you’ll learn about works by Joplin, Ravel, Stravinsky, Gershwin, Copland, Bernstein, and more.

Included are all teaching instructions, listening links, general notebooking pages, definitions of musical terms, and MORE. Great for ALL AGES.

Please note: SQUILT is not returnable once downloaded.

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