American History II: From 1850s to Early 21st Century EH30

American History II: From 1850s to Early 21st Century

Lap Book

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Bring history to life with a hands-on lap book your children will love – a collection of crafts and creative projects that fold down into a kind of portfolio, and unfold to show their detailed magnificence.

The photos on this page don't do justice to the exquisite detail and delightful projects you'll find in this lap book. The templates were drawn by the talented Amy Pak, who also drew the Timeline Figures in Sonlight programs. Using this kit, your students will cut, color, write, tape, and glue their way to a deeper understanding of events in American History.

American History II lap book

This American History II lap book is full of activities related to the slave trade and the Civil War, both World Wars, modern inventions, and many other topics covered in Sonlight's Level E History / Bible / Literature program.

For example, you'll cover topics such as the battle of Gettysburg and the mail-order catalogs of Montgomery Ward, you'll trace the various paths of the Underground Railroad, learn about the transcontinental railroad, and look at innovations, business tycoons, a famous assassination, and the suffragists. When studying the Great War, you'll fill an ammo belt, color a map, create a timeline, read some of the poetry and propaganda, and so on.

Kit includes all materials including:

  • instructions
  • cover folder
  • maps
  • various forms of paper
  • and all the pre-printed materials necessary to complete the lap book

You supply the colored pencils, tape, glue stick, glue gun, and scissors.

A thoughtful and interesting activity is scheduled each week, 36 total.

Each activity takes roughly one to two hours to complete. Children ages: 9-12

Enhance your study of American history today!

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