Hands & Hearts Activities A - World Cultures AHK

Hands & Hearts Activities A - World Cultures

Bring the past to life

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Hands & Hearts A includes four delightful projects that give your children a glimpse of the world in days gone by. Here's what you'll experience:

  • Chinese Dragon Puppet
    Hands On Puppet Activity
    Explore Chinese culture by constructing a dragon puppet similar to those seen at special festivals, like the Chinese New Year. Don't worry; your at-home dragon won't be 200 feet long.
  • Buffalo Tooth Necklace
    Hands On Necklace Activity
    Native Americans created jewelry from animal teeth and claws. You'll make a wearable necklace with a real buffalo tooth and glass crow beads.
  • Egyptian Paint
    Ancient Egyptians painted beautiful hieroglyphics that still exist today. After you make some rocks (yes, you can), you'll crush 'em to create your own paint from scratch. Maybe mummy will let you paint a sarcophagus.
  • Zuni Pokean
    Native American kids enjoyed playing games, too. Make a cornhusk-feather-sinew pokean, and call your peeps to play some hacky sack, Zuni-style.

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