Winston Grammar - Advanced 7L20

Winston Grammar - Advanced

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  • Author: Erwin
  • Consumable Item
  • Pages: 91

Includes instruction guide, consumable student workbook, and card pack.

If you intend to teach two students at one time, you will need a second student pack. See item #7L21, which includes a second workbook and card set.

Note: We strongly recommend that you complete the Winston Grammar Core Program ( #4L09) or The Grammar Ace ( #RL6) before using this program.

Advanced Level Teacher's Manual - Introduction Advanced Level Teacher's Manual - Topics Page Advanced Level Teacher's Manual - Page 29 Advanced Level Student's Workbook - Worksheet 76 Advanced Level Student's Workbook - Worksheet 76 (answers) Advanced Card Set

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Consumable Items

Language Arts

Winston Grammar Advanced--Complete Second Student Pack (7L21)

Consumable. Necessary if you intend to teach Winston Grammar Advanced to a second student at the same time.

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