What Good is Christianity?

Evaluating its Historical Record

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Prepare your children to grapple with challenging ideas as you evaluate together the role of Christianity in society.

Full of rich narratives and intriguing questions, this 18-week curriculum for upper-level high school students covers many subject areas including history, worldview, critical thinking and apologetics.

In an age where misinformation about Christianity and its influence abounds, the goal of What Good is Christianity? is to educate and equip students regarding the positive role and influence of Christianity in relation to a variety of topics and, in the process, respond to contemporary criticisms.

Students will examine topics like Christianity and Western culture, democracy, social justice, education, literature, the fine arts, science, the environment, atheism, charity, special challenges, women and slavery.

We want to help you raise children whoare able to think for themselves, reasonably, as they weigh the claims they will encounter in daily life. Consequently, our goal in this curriculum is not to force-feed information, but to expose you and your children to a variety of ideas they are likely to encounter in their Christian walk, while at the same time providing relevant insights as your children wrestle with challenging ideas.

Seven carefully-selected resources (6 books and a DVD set) accompany your Instructor's Guide. Inside your IG alone you'll find a section on tips for classroom use, the schedule, notes, assignments, discussion questions, and four articles that address interpretation (hermeneutics), faith and science, warfare, and Christianity and women.

Want to learn more?

Meet the course creator, Robert Velarde and read his thoughts on this course.

Instructor's Guides

What Good is Christianity? Instructor's Guide (660-01)

This easy-to-use guide takes you through your fascinating 18-week study.



College Prep

How Christianity Changed the World (660-02)

Filled with valuable and factual historical information about Christianity's influence on the world.



Christianity On Trial (660-03)

Carroll claims historical illiteracy is responsible for unjust caricatures of Christianity and highlights positive influences Christians have made on civilization.



What Has Christianity Ever Done for Us? (660-04)

Dry wit and colorful illustrations enhance this compilation of positive contributions Christianity has made to the world.



Art and the Bible (660-05)

Provides a solid foundation for understanding the relationship between Christianity and the arts and contains timeless insights on the topic.



The Victory of Reason (660-06)

Sociologist Rodney Stark makes the case that Christianity positively influenced the development of a variety of globally significant movements in relation to democracy, science, reason and more.



What's So Great About Christianity? (660-07)

In crisp, engaging style, D'Souza guides readers through topics such as Christianity and atheism, democracy, evolution, miracles, natural law, the problem of evil, and much more.



Does God Exist? (DVD set) (660-08)

Your children will journey with Dr. Stephen Meyer (author of Signature in the Cell) through ten engaging video lessons on topics such as cosmology, design, morality, and various arguments for the existence of God. DVD


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