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History / Bible / Language Arts / Reading

Sonlight® Core programs use the subject of History as the foundation for your homeschooling curriculum. This history focus provides a framework for your family to better understand literature, scientific theory, philosophy, and a wide-range of other subjects. A history backdrop also helps you see how what you are learning ties together throughout your home education.

You have a choice of 18 Core packages for your Pre-K through 12th grader. Each Core program includes a year's worth of History, Geography, and Literature curriculum for your homeschool.

Take a more in-depth look at what is included in a Core homeschool curriculum package:


the centerpiece of Sonlight Curriculum.

Our history programs give students an overview of key events and people of the past, as well as biographies of people who have made significant contributions to the development of human cultures and the advancement of God's Kingdom.

Sonlight Cores span the wealth of history from ancient to modern. Sonlight homeschool students cover more world history and learn more about other cultures than any other homeschool curriculum (ten years worth of world history options and five years of American history).

Engaging, "living" books—full of real heroes and memorable stories—intertwine with your history curriculum to make the people, events and ideas of history come alive for your family.


quality books your children read on their own.

Sonlight includes books with a range of difficulty levels in each Core. This way, students don't get burnt out, but also occasionally tackle books that require them to stretch. The common denominator? Every Sonlight book is excellent. Your students will grow to love literature and find joy in reading.

Before Core D, your students will focus primarily on developing reading skills. Starting with Core D, Sonlight includes Readers that coincide with and enhance your History studies.


maximize the benefits of homeschooling by reading aloud together as a family.

Reading aloud together as a family sparks discussion about the ideas you encounter. You also draw closer together as you share the experience each title brings you. Sonlight provides notes with discussion questions and interesting historical tidbits that tie into the time period you're studying.

As you read these books with your children, you'll be right there to explain and talk through important questions. Sonlight's notes will be there to guide you where you need help. You're sure to make memories as the great stories you read together spill into your family discussions.

Before Core D, students focus primarily on developing reading and listening skills. Starting with Core D, Sonlight includes Read-Alouds that coincide with and enhance your homeschool History program included in your Core.

Language Arts: 

built around the books your student read.

When your children were young, you taught them to speak as you spoke to them. In the same vein, children learn to write by learning from good models of writing--and trying out those models for themselves. We call this the "natural" approach to Language Arts.

Sonlight Language Arts programs flow from this principle. Each program guides your children through well-paced writing activities based on the Readers they're already enjoying in their Core program. As your children grow, these activities will guide them through writing their first sentences, simple paragraphs and stories until they're eventually writing gripping creative works and compelling scholarly papers.

Public speaking and memorization: 

your children learn the art of presentation and memorization.

Each Core program includes poetry and Bible memorization. Your children will narrate stories and share orally about what they're learning in your homeschool. This gives your students the opportunity to learn at an early age how to communicate effectively and captivate an audience.


daily Bible readings and weekly Scripture memory assignments.

Bible readings and weekly Scripture memory assignments are included in every Core Instructor's Guide. You will also find Biblically-based comments and insights throughout every Sonlight Core. If your family follows the Sonlight plan, you will cover almost the entire Bible once every five or six years.

In addition to Bible reading, Sonlight's homeschool curriculum includes a variety of Bible study resources. These books range from apologetics to Bible study methods to spiritual classics. Our goal is to encourage students to grow in their faith and equip them to follow Christ in whatever He calls them to do.

Instructor's Guide: 

everything you need to use Sonlight's books and materials, so you can open it up and teach confidently with minimal prep time.

(a complete year's schedule with teaching notes and supplements)

Sonlight's main resource, after all the incredible books, is the Instructor's Guide, or IG, as moms like to call it.

Your Instructor's Guide interweaves History, Readers and Read-Alouds into your homeschool schedule. Your Instructor's Guide helps you decide how much is enough but not too much each day, and breaks those learning elements down into a daily schedule for you.

Thought-provoking notes in your IG spark discussion with your children and balance the biased statements you will find in literature. Vocabulary words, extra historical tidbits, as well as map and timeline activities help solidify your family's study of history, geography and literature.

Learn how you can save some time and effort with our convenient IG preassembly service.

Sonlight offers Science programs you can add to your Core, as well as some of the best math, handwriting, and electives available on the homeschool market. Explore additional homeschool curriculum subjects now.

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