Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

You want to start your young children on the right track. You want to build a solid foundation for years to come. What do you need to teach them right now? That learning is fun!

Sonlight's Kindergarten homeschool curriculum does exactly that.

Open your children's eyes to God's fascinating world. Cuddle up with your little ones as you discover wonders far beyond your town borders. Introduce them to a wide range of topics and whet their appetites to learn more. Enjoy a very broad overview of world history and explore the way people ate, dressed and lived throughout the centuries. Get brief, picture-filled overviews of key civilizations of the world such as Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Vikings, Incas, the Ming Dynasty in China, Colonial America and Victorian England. Take extra time to look at music, art, homes, clothing and climate around the world. Your children will love to sit and pore over these books.

This Kindergarten curriculum sets the stage for future learning. Your kids develop a big-picture understanding that past civilizations existed and that people live differently throughout the world. This knowledge gives a framework for future in-depth study of history. This program also helps children start to see past themselves. Not everyone lives like they do! As children grasp this concept, they are more able to look at situations from another person's point of view and to relate to others who are different from them. They also develop a healthy curiosity about the world around them.

The books in this curriculum provide fodder for faith-building conversations. They present worthy heroes who display courage and honesty, who work hard, love their families and do the right thing. Let's give children some models worth imitating!

You'll also have science, math, handwriting and spelling built into your program or available as part of a customized package.