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We guide you so you can guide your kids.

Our Guides give you peace of mind

Many a homeschool mom has spent many a sleepless night worrying about the next day's lesson plan.

Sonlight's Instructor's Guides give you back your peace of mind. We've done the work, all you have to do is open and teach.

And yes, you CAN teach your children – with confidence – from your very first day.

Everything you need to just open and teach

As they say, a mom's work is never done. That's why Sonlight's Instructor's Guides are invaluable.

We know how busy the day can get for you. Preparing meals, household chores, running errands—it all adds up and leaves you with few spare moments.

Maybe you're investigating homeschooling programs for the very first time. Or, maybe you've homeschooled for a few years already and are still looking for the "right" homeschool program. Either way, you'll be surprised and delighted by the unbelievable amount of support you'll get in just one of Sonlight's Instructor's Guides.

All you need is five minutes with your Instructor's Guide and you're ready to teach. Everything is scheduled, coordinated, and organized for you in one easy-to-follow chart of weekly assignments.

Get to know your personal homeschool guide

Never wonder again if you've covered what's important. Our Instructor's Guides are full of notes, ideas and tools designed to navigate even the most novice of teacher's through the day.



Each Instructor's Guide includes complete 180-day schedules. All reading assignments, activities, experiments, grammar lessons – everything – is scheduled on a day-by-day basis. The only thing you have to do each day is review what's already been scheduled and do it!

The Instructor's Guide schedules save you hours of time and frustration. Literally. Hours every week.

Weekly notes

Weekly Instructor's Guide Notes

This handy section could very well become your best friend in terms of teaching. Here you'll find everything you need to know about each assignment in order to teach it. We've laid everything out in easy-to-understand narrative to make your day go as smooth as possible.



Colorful maps, which double as bookmarks, will help you easily find relevant locations referenced in your daily studies. You'll find the coordinates and location name in your Weekly Instructor's Guide Notes.

Vocabulary/Cultural Literacy

Vocabulary/Cultural Literacy

These sections will help you convey to your children the meaning and context of general vocabulary words. Also, you'll find terms related to cultural literacy.

Flexible schedule

Flex Your Schedule with 4-Day and 5-Day Options

The same schedule pages include both 4-Day and 5-Day options. If you're following the 4-Day schedule, simply skip Day 5 or take a look for some optional activities that appear on Day 5.



When relevant, you'll find notes about specific books to help you know why we've selected a particular resource and what we hope children will learn from reading it. Keep an eye on these notes to also provide you with insights on more difficult concepts or content (look for "Note to Mom or Dad").

Discussion questions

Discussion Questions

The discussion questions help you to teach more effectively. They serve as starting points that prompt even more questions and further understanding of the concepts covered in each unit.

Activity Sheets

Activity Sheets

Activity Sheets are included in both the Language Arts (A-H) and Science Instructor's Guides (A-G): one set for your students to complete on their own, another for you, with all of the correct answers highlighted, circled, or typed into the blank spaces.

The Language Arts Activity Sheets are especially powerful because they are based on excerpts from the books your student is reading in other areas. By continued exposure to familiar passages, your children retain more than they would otherwise.

The Science Activity Sheets are user friendly, and very attractive: they've got hundreds of illustrations, charts, and pictures, all of which serve to make the sheets more interesting and useful and help your kids remember even more.

Record keeping

Record Keeping

Our IGs make keeping track of where you are and what you've accomplished as simple as placing a check mark in a box. If your state requires you to keep a daily record of when (what date) you completed a project, and/or how many hours you spent on a subject, then record that information as well.

Answer keys

Answer Keys

The Instructor's Guide would not be complete without the answer keys. The answer keys in the manual sometimes differ from the original answer keys in that they show not only the final answer, but the process by which one arrives at an answer. This added feature helps you to identify where the errors in your child's thinking occur so that you can constructively show him or her where s/he has gone wrong.

Instructor's Guides


You can teach multiple students at one time using one Instructor's Guide per Core curriculum, saving yourself even more time and money.

Instructor's Guides are designed so several guides for various subjects can be combined into a single, easy-to-use "Teacher" binder. Never worry about clutter or having to search all over for that day's lesson plan. It's all in one spot.

You are also provided with definitions, maps, historical timelines, and answer keys to lead your student through the year, ensuring they comprehend each lesson and get the best benefits from the homeschool curriculum.

Payment Plans

Teach Now, Pay Later

Save your money for the important things in life such as ice cream and cookies, field trips or more books. By taking advantage of our no-interest, no-fee payment plans available with the purchase of any Full-Grade or Core curriculum package, you'll have more money available to do the fun things.


No-Risk Guarantee

Each Sonlight® Full-Grade or Core package comes with our Love to Learn, Love to Teach Guarantee. Take a full year to decide if this program fits you and your family. If you don't love your Sonlight homeschool curriculum, ship it back to us and we'll give you back your money. No questions. No hassle.

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