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Sonlight: the adventure of a lifetime.

You want what's best for your children and so do we. Our Christ-centered, literature-based curriculum makes it a priority to help your children realize their worth, find their place and fulfill their purpose, all-the-while developing a lifelong love to learn.

"I was thrilled when I found the Sonlight catalog. Here was a curriculum with a Biblical foundation, Christian values, a worldwide outlook, and strong academics already prepared for my son and me! We have not been disappointed." - Dawn N., Western Spring, IL

Sonlight homeschooling helps you raise your children the way you want to raise them by using our wonderful stories as a tool to help you and your child learn about each other and from each other. Your bonds will develop out of experiencing the stories, characters, and adventures together. As a result, your child will get to know you, and your thoughts, your values, and your life philosophies, and you will become a trusted and influential force in their lives, forever.

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A great homeschool education for
the price of a cup of coffee a day

Our curriculum features some of the greatest stories ever written in subjects such as history, math, science, Bible, language arts, geography, reading, music, foreign language and more.

Many know Sonlight's focus is on history and great stories. But Sonlight also has a full and complete curriculum available at your fingertips. Sonlight is academically rigorous, that's true. But for about the cost of a cup of coffee a day, your kids will get a premium education that will serve them for the rest of their lives. We believe it's the best homeschool curriculum available anywhere.

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Preparing Your Kids for college, career and life

Sonlight Subjects

Sonlight has everything you need to ensure your kids get a great education. Our curriculum features all the subjects your child will need, from Preschool read alouds all the way to college prep. In addition, we have electives such as science kits and piano lessons to keep your inquisitive students engaged.

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Instructor's Guide

It's Easy, Just Open & Teach

Your guide to confidently teach your children is our easy-to-use Instructor's Guides. Sonlight has everything you need to ensure your kids get a great education. Our curriculum features all the subjects your child will need, from Preschool read alouds all the way to college prep. In addition, we have electives such as science kits and piano lessons to keep your inquisitive students engaged. These indispensable tools come with a full schedule, discussion questions and complete lesson plans, ensuring your homeschool curriculum is complete and easy, meaning you enjoy more time with your kids and less time planning. You'll find everything you need to teach with success in this comprehensive resource.

"I was initially unsure about homeschooling, but Sonlight's Instructor's Guide makes it so easy for me to plan our lessons and not worry about missing something important. I've been surprised by how easy it is to include both boys (ages 6 and 4) in our Core studies."
- Sara R., La Fayette, GA.

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Kids Love Our Stories

Humans are hard-wired for stories. That's why kids love them so much. Reading is the foundation for comprehension and critical thinking. Sonlight is the original literature-based homeschool curriculum. We use great literature -- the best books ever written -- as the foundation for learning. We believe a single book can distill the wisdom of an entire lifetime in just a few pages. The result? Kids who are much more engaged in the stories and characters, and therefore remember more about the "life" they are experiencing. This basis makes for a much richer learning experience, where students are more engaged, and learn to enjoy the process of learning so much more. Cumulatively, Sonlight students read over 3 million books EACH year. Yeah, our books are that good!

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Learning through stories
Academic Excellence

An A+ Future

We've been creating curriculum that delivers exceptional results for a quarter century. All of our Full-Grade Packages include everything you need to teach one or more of your kids for an entire year. At the conclusion of our preschool-to-college prep program your students will possess a top-tier education. Partnered with parental involvement, we believe a Sonlight education surpasses all other options. Witness the fact Sonlight graduates, now authors, doctors, elected officials, engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, homeschool parents, missionaries and more, are pursuing their dreams and making their mark around the world each and every day.

Payment Plans

Teach Now, Pay Later

Save your money for the important things in life such as ice cream and cookies, field trips or more books. By taking advantage of our no-interest, no-fee payment plans available with the purchase of any Full-Grade or Core curriculum package, you'll have more money available to do the fun things.


No-Risk Guarantee

Each Sonlight® Full-Grade or Core package comes with our Love to Learn, Love to Teach Guarantee. Take a full year to decide if this program fits you and your family. If you don't love your Sonlight homeschool curriculum, ship it back to us and we'll give you back your money. No questions. No hassle.

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Teach Multiple Children

Multiple kids? No Problem

"Every year I get more attached to Sonlight and the freedom it gives me to adapt one Core to multiple children. I've been able to keep both boys in the same Core and adapt the Readers, Math, and Handwriting to their specific levels. Science is their FAVORITE! It's a weight off my shoulders to know the lesson plans are already made and all I need is about an hour Sunday night to preview what's ahead."
– Christi N., Mishawaka, IN

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

If you live in the lower 48 states, there's a good chance you can take advantage of our free shipping policy. Orders usually ship within 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS from the time we receive your order, except during July-September when orders may take 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS to leave our warehouse. There are a few qualifications to check out.

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Sonlight Homeschool Advisors

Sonlight is With You for the Long Haul

How can I teach math? What's the difference between a Full-Grade Package and a Core? What's my child's reading level? Which curriculum is best? You've got questions, we've got answers. Our well-trained staff and experienced homeschool moms, each well-versed in the best choices for your homeschool curriculum, can answer any questions that might arise, including how to teach Calculus. We're here for you year-round.

Love Learning

Game-Changer: From 'Hate-to-learn' to Learning Magnet

If you've ever gotten one of our catalogues you've read many testimonials from our customers. We love the fact that so many moms want to take the time to write ot us and tell us about their wonderful experiences, and how it's the best homeschool curriculum out there. But you don't have to take our word for it. Read through thousands of testimonials -- and see a bunch of cute pictures -- all sent over the years by customers just like you.

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One of our Homeschool Advisors — veteran Sonlight users who are specially trained to assist you — is available to help answer your unique questions, offer encouragement, and maybe even a word of prayer.

  • Chat live with a Sonlight Homeschool Advisor (7am-8pm MST).
  • Call 800-903-1675 (International: 303-730-6292).
  • Email your question to
  • Schedule a call from a Sonlight Homeschool Advisor (8:40am-2:20pm MST).

Don't hesitate to get the answers you need to start enjoying the advantages of Sonlight Curriculum literature-rich homeschooling!