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Everything You Need for Your Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Find the Christian homeschool curriculum program right for your family. If you have any questions about which program to select, please chat with a homeschool Adivsor. Your Advisor can help you choose the best homeschooling materials for you and your children.

homeschool curriculum

Sonlight Homeschooling by Grade or by Subject

You can browse Sonlight Curriculum homeschool programs by grade or by subject. Each grade level has a Full-Grade Package that includes everything you need to teach one student for a year. You can easily add additional, grade-appropriate resources and programs if you have more than one student. Learn more about teaching students together with a single curriculum package.

You can also add specific subjects to your homeschool experience:

  • The foundation of Sonlight Curriculum is the History, Bible, Language Arts, Reading (Core) Package. These homeschool programs also include age-appropriate geography, vocabulary, spelling and more all tied together with your Instructor's Guide. Each Core spans a range of ages and makes it easy to use with multiple children. And because Sonlight is litearture-based, you can reuse your homeschool programs with younger children in the future. Add additional language arts packages for your younger students.
  • Browse Sonlight's science homeschooling programs which include plenty of hands-on experiments to make science come alive.
  • Sonlight offers a wide range of homeschool math programs so you can find one that fits your child's needs.
  • You will also find a half-dozen homeschool electives to enrich your studies, such as the popular Rosetta Stone and Piano Wizard programs.

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