Sonlight for Gifted Students, Part 2

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How do you homeschool an accelerated learner? In my last post I shared four suggestions for gifted students. But they all had to do with academics. I pray that gifted students using Sonlight go on to impact the world through more than just sheer intellect.

Sonlight student Quentin F became an Eagle Scout last year

So in addition to tips 1-4, let's consider three more enriching ideas:

  1. Remember that education is more than academics
    With all students—including accelerated students—our role as parents is to guide them in much more than just academics. If your child is an accelerated learner, perhaps he can use some of that extra time to dive into projects that make a difference in your community or the world.

    Is there a charitable project your child can participate in or even create and spearhead? Consider how you can help your child learn that life is more than knowledge and good grades! May all our children discover the joy of giving our time and talents to serve others.

    And also, kids are kids. Help them enjoy the many other facets of life! Can they explore various sports, art forms, musical instruments, outdoor activities, entrepreneurship and more?

  2. Consider a gap year

    Concerned that your child will finish high school early? Consider the benefits of a "gap year" before sending her off to college.

    Just think of how much she could learn and serve during a year helping a missionary family overseas, serving with an international aid organization, or even volunteering in your home community. Many top colleges value the life experience such opportunities provide.

    And finally ...

  3. Find community and advice on Sonlight's Accelerated Learners Forum
    I developed many of the ideas I shared in these two posts through 20+ years of working with homeschoolers. But the wise parents on the Accelerated Learners section of the Sonlight Forums helped me form more specific tips and advice. You'll find many of the thoughts I shared on a thread called "I am not bragging, really. I am asking for help!"

    The Accelerated Learners forum will connect you with other parents who can offer encouraging words, listening ears and timely advice. You'll find help for academics as well as other aspects of parenting a gifted child, including self image, sibling rivalry, burnout and more.

    This is a private forum, so you'll need full Forum access to read and post on it. Get ready to meet some parents who have "been there, done that" and are happy to help!

If you're teaching a gifted child, I pray these suggestions might help and encourage you. As you well know, parenting is an exciting, rewarding journey. God bless you as you navigate the ups and downs ahead!

Sarita Holzmann

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