The Sonlight Difference

What kind of people do you want your children to become?

Few parents hope their kids will:

  • just get by in life
  • be tossed to and fro by their environment
  • face limited career options
  • go with the flow of modern culture

You probably pray your children will:

  • develop confidence to work hard and face challenges
  • become strong believers who influence others
  • be equipped to do whatever God calls them to do

If that is indeed your prayer, you need curriculum that gives you the tools to raise such confident and competent children.

Sonlight Curriculum Philosophy

Sonlight is an extraordinary homeschool curriculum. It is a literature-rich, liberal arts, Christian worldview approach to home education.

Sonlight families read the very best classics (from Aesop's fables to Romeo and Juliet) and gripping modern books (like Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry and the Story of the World series). These books introduce the people, places, events and ideas your children need to understand ... even the controversial ones. Curriculum centered on these books leads to meaningful discussions about issues like honesty, politics and faith.

Many Americans from Christian homes walk away from their faith in college and young adulthood. One study reports that "a majority of twentysomethings — 61% of today's young adults — had been churched at one point during their teen years but they are now spiritually disengaged."1 We suspect most didn't face the tough questions of faith and modern culture until college. Since they hadn't been prepared to navigate these issues from a Christian perspective, they reached an intellectual or emotional impasse and walked away.

As a parent, you have the opportunity to help your children gain sure footing before they head out into the world. Sonlight helps you do it.

How does Sonlight equip me to raise children who follow Christ?

Parents who frequently engage their children in natural conversations about diverse issues gain true influence in their children's lives.

With Sonlight you are equipped to be the central influence in your children's lives. Your flexible Instructor's Guides help you discuss what you read as you share gripping, worthwhile books with your children. The Bible, faith and a global perspective weave seamlessly throughout the homeschool curriculum. So you enjoy formative, natural conversations with your kids about God, faith, history and character. These discussions let you train your children in the way of Christ.

On top of that, the Instructor's Guides let you spend your time teaching and enjoying your children instead of researching and planning lessons.

How does Sonlight prepare my children for their academic future?

In college and life, students will confront huge amounts of information from vastly different viewpoints. To survive with their faith (and GPA) intact, they'll need to interpret that information and produce coherent responses from a Christ-centered worldview.

Sonlight prepares students to do exactly this. How? Students interact with and discuss top-notch books from diverse viewpoints. When they graduate, your kids will be able to discuss (with their heart and mind) tricky topics like evolution and design, postmodernism and absolute truth, politics, and reasons for their faith. They'll be able to write well and will have the well-rounded education that comes from a rigorous literature-rich approach.

With the preparation Sonlight provides, graduates are now:

  • engineers
  • missionaries
  • entrepreneurs
  • pastors
  • musicians
  • doctors
  • homeschoolers
  • elected officials
  • farmers & more!

Meet recent grads.

Why does Sonlight provide so many books?

Reading helps kids develop the cultural literacy, vocabulary and language skills they need to succeed in everything from SATs and college to relationships. Plus, a large home library helps children succeed academically.

Books—the really good ones—help students interact with history, geography and faith. Children form emotional connections with characters, so they actually remember what they read. They gain the context they need to understand the flow of world history. As they read a lot and work hard, students learn they can face challenges. You just can't get these benefits from a few books each year.

But why should you own these great books? An extensive new study shows that "A child from a family rich in books is 19 percentage points more likely to complete university than a comparable child growing up without a home library."2 In fact, the size of a home library greatly affects educational attainment, "even adjusting for parents' education." Being surrounded by books lets your kids read their favorites again and again, and fosters a love of reading and learning.

The Sonlight difference

Important decisions about your children's education deserve thoughtfulness and prayer. Whether you're at an exciting homeschool convention or at home in your living room, there's no need to risk your children's learning on an impulse buy.

Take time to prayerfully consider what's best for your unique family. Use this checklist to help you compare curriculum options:

Sonlight Option B Option C
Package Content
How many items do I get in my package?
Will I discuss controversial issues with my children, taking various sides into account?
Will I need to find additional books?
Will I have to do my own research in order to teach?
Will this curriculum challenge my children?
Prep Time
Are the weekly activities laid out in a clear schedule?
Do the teacher guides include study guides for each book?
Are the teacher guides flexible and easily manipulated?
Do the hands-on activities require lots of parent prep work?
Practical Issues
Can I return my curriculum package if I use it for a few weeks or months and decide it's not a good fit for my family?
Can I teach multiple children with one program?
Can I reuse curriculum with younger siblings?
Is there a payment plan option?
Can I contact a Homeschool Advisor (for free) whenever I have questions?

Questions? Visit to speak
with an experienced Sonlight Homeschool Advisor.

1"Most Twentysomethings Put Christianity on the Shelf Following Spiritually Active Teen Years," Sep. 2006. Accessed at in April 2010. Click here for the article.

2"Home Libraries Provide Huge Educational Advantage," April 2010. Accessed at in April 2010. Click here for the article.

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