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Studying U.S. elections has never been easier!

Get everything you need to teach your child the history and process of U.S. elections in one place! The 2024 American presidential election is a perfect opportunity to add civics, government, and current events to your homeschool lessons and family discussions.

Ever wondered how the president is elected? Want to learn about past presidents, forms of government, or how to vote? It starts with understanding the election process!

Here are some options from different Sonlight programs to help your students understand the election process in America. PLUS, check out additional resources on U.S. History.

Introduce your children to the U.S. presidential election process with hands-on activities, great books, curriculum options and more!

U.S. Elections

Explore America’s unique history and culture through this curated selection of books.

U.S. Elections

Make your American History studies come to life with these hands-on resources.

U.S. Elections

Shop Sonlight's extraordinary American History curriculum options.

U.S. Elections
Additional Resources

Enhance your  study of America’s history and culture with these supplements.

Featured Elections Resources

A Guide to Elections: Free Unit Study

Use this free, downloadable unit study to introduce your children to the presidential election process in a simple, thorough way.

Ages: 8-12+

 Presidential Elections and Other Cool Facts Presidential Elections and Other Cool Facts

Presidential Elections and Other Cool Facts

This book brings history and social studies lessons to life as boys and girls learn about important people, places, and events in the history of presidential elections.

US Elections Lap BookUS Elections Lap Book

US Elections Lap Book

The US Elections - Lap Book Kit is a hands-on activity to help your student understand the election process in America. A great supplement for any US History and/or Government course.

Election Night! BoardgameElection Night! Boardgame

Election Night! Boardgame

Election Night is an award-winning boardgame where two players or teams battle for critical electoral votes in a gripping race for the presidency. 

American History & Election Books

Hands-On American History

American History Homeschool Curriculum

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