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Your 11th Grade homeschool curriculum teams two 18-week courses, American Government and Economics, with a 36-week American Literature course. The first offers a view of not only how our government works, but also why it works as it does. The second demystifies one of the least understood disciplines in all of academics. The third offers a delightful encounter with a catalog of literary classics.

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Most Americans think our government is pretty complicated. Interestingly enough, the Founding Fathers designed it that way! 11th grade unravels their reasoning and walks you through the complexity as it has played out throughout our history. After an overview of government types, we begin with the Constitution. Students discover how two centuries of social currents and historical events have altered Americans' understanding of this document: Jeffersonian Democracy, Lincoln's presidency, the incredible increase in the federal government during the 20th century and more. This eleventh grade homeschool curriculum helps your students have a working knowledge of the United States government, a Constitutional Federated Republic (not a democracy).

As your students encounter a broad picture of American politics and economic practices, they will learn some uncomfortable truths. We look at the history of what our government has done, both good and bad. As students ponder foundational issues, we present different sides, enabling them to see beyond surface rhetoric and think for themselves. In the end, we desire to equip your children to employ Scriptural values and make informed assessments as they evaluate governmental policies and actions and prepare for a lifetime of citizenship.

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