Science K

Ecosystems, Meteorology, Physics, and Engineering Design
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Science K teaches your children to think like a scientist and to use the skills and practices that real scientists use.

Your children will also gain a high-level introduction to forces, matter, and other STEM topics that will sent them up for a lifetime of learning and application.

All experiments tie directly to the content each week. Sonlight's great books provide the context, while the experiments allow your children to experience scientific practice for themselves.


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Teach your children to think like a scientist, to use the skills and practices that real scientists use. Each weekly experiment helps bring to life the scientific content read each week. Sonlight’s great books provide the context, while the experiments help students apply scientific practices and principles to the topics they read about each week.

Sonlight Science K will prepare your children to become future scientists by training them to think scientifically. Beyond studying classic scientific topics, Sonlight Science K creates a learning environment in which students can gain the skills and practices used by scientists and engineers to answer questions, solve problems, and innovate and improve their own designed solutions.

From the heat of the sun to the eyes of an insect, Sonlight Science K nurtures children’s natural curiosity and provides daily opportunities to explore the world around them. They will use real scientific skills and practices as they explore rainforests and encounter reptiles, insects, plants and more. Science K includes a high-level introduction to forces, matter and other STEM topics that will prepare students for a lifetime of scientific curiosity, learning and application.

Each easy-to-complete experiment helps the topics you’ve read about that week bloom into practical, real-world experiences. Each experiment provides students with a topic-related question to explore. As they discover answers to the questions for themselves, they gain experience in solving problems independently. Do you know what makes wind blow? Or why a bee’s honeycomb is a hexagon? Have fun watching for the many “aha!” moments this course will provide.

Instructor’s Guide

Each Sonlight science program is anchored by a customer-renowned Instructor's Guide. The IG provides the structure for your entire year—the framework for what books to read and when, what experiments to do and what videos to watch. No need to create your own lesson plans.

The IG also includes question prompts, explanations, hands-on activities (beyond the experiments), and additional notes to enhance the reading and reinforce what your students are learning.

Each IG includes a list of what supplies you will need both for the current week and the week to come. (Need to save a milk carton for next week? Now you know!)

Instructor's Guides in levels K-J also include Activity Sheets filled with questions and simple activities, charts, illustrations, and pictures to help your children remember what they’ve learned.

Overview of the Literature

In books like Why do Elephants Need the Sun?, your students will learn what causes the weather they experience. And as your students learn about environmental stewardship, the biography Wangari’s Trees of Peace shows how even small acts can make a big difference.

The books about specific creatures and habitats—such as Ants, Reptiles, and Rainforests—will open your students’ eyes to the wonders and complexities of creation. The fun and informative Forces Make Things Move provides an accessible introduction to important ideas in physics your children will continue to explore throughout their education. The Big Book of Why (5-Day program) enables your children to take their curiosity even further and delves into each topic with beautiful photos and succinct answers to their specific questions. You won’t have to answer a why question with “just because”.

Hands-on Science Experiments

Discover & Do: Kindergarten Science Experiments provide weekly experiments that help students explore the reading topics even further. Each experiment relates directly to the weekly reading material for a more linear progression from reading to doing. The guided exploration helps students dig deeper and reinforces the concepts learned in the reading while providing an experience that trains them to think like scientists.

With Discover & Do: Kindergarten Science Experiments, your children will not just memorize the steps of the scientific process. Rather, students will conduct simple, engaging, hands-on experiments at home and use the scientific method to explore their world in an enjoyable and interactive way. Each experiment begins with an overview of the key concepts, so the instructor has a big-picture view of the main goals of the lesson. As you work through the experiment together, you will discuss and discover how these concepts work in the real world.

Experiments are designed to help guide your students through an exploration, rather than simply showing them a demonstration of a scientific principle. Each experiment begins with an observation and a question—something to be curious about. Your students then make a prediction based on their observation, and carry out an investigation to see if their ideas were correct. As they draw conclusions from their experiments, they will be able to adjust their thinking and gain an appreciation for the scientific process (and principles!) they just experienced for themselves.

But the learning doesn’t stop there! Your students will then make connections to broader scientific ideas and go further with fun ways to apply and appreciate what they have discovered. The Science K package also includes the Discover & Do: Kindergarten Science Experiment Videos. Included in digital-only format, these highly entertaining videos reenact all of the 36 experiments your students will perform, and reinforce the concepts observed during the experiment. Filled with fascinating activities and peppered with humor, the new Discover & Do Videos bring science to life!

Check out the trailer below.

With Sonlight Science K, your children learn by actually doing the science!

Each experiment connects topics and ideas from the reading to real-world experiences. For example, when you read about bees, one experiment dives into a STEM activity to help you discover why bees’ honeycombs are hexagons. You can then watch an enthusiastic instructor explore the same experiment on video, creating an interconnected experience that reinforces the learning.

Science Supplies Kit

Most of the experiments in this program can be done with common household items, but to minimize prep time, we’ve created a Discover & Do: Science Supplies Kit that includes many of the supplies you need to conduct each experiment. No planning necessary and minimal prep time!

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Sonlight Science K is designed to follow the classic Sonlight model of learning (reading, discussing, and doing) while also adhering to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). These research-based, up-to-date science standards are simply good instructional practice. Dozens of scientists, esteemed scientific institutions, and science-based businesses have put their support behind these standards.1 Now you have even more assurance that Sonlight Science provides an outstanding science education — at home.

Sonlight’s Kindergarten Science helps prepare students to think for themselves, evaluate different perspectives, and innovate solutions. Your students will use key scientific and engineering principles to explore ideas that connect across all subjects: cause and effect, patterns, structure and function, systems, stability and change, cycles and more. Come play with us! Open your children’s eyes to the truths of world around them and prepare them for a bright and confident scientific future.

1 NGSS is a registered trademark of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Standards were involved in the production of this product, and do not endorse it.

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Take up to one year to use your curriculum. If you don’t love it, return it! Complete details here.

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