Confused about Language Arts?

Download Sonlight’s Beginner's Blueprint to Language Arts ebook

Confused about Language Arts?

Download this FREE, No-Stress Guide to Teaching Language Arts with Purpose today!

When our Product Development Team heard from a frustrated and confused young Sonlighter, we weren't surprised. The caller was struggling to understand Language Arts, and wondering if she was failing. She certainly felt like she was floundering!

This is understandable. Language Arts includes so many pieces. How can you see the big picture? How do you know what to teach, and when?

After a half hour conversation, the young Sonlighter said, "Thank you! This has been so helpful! You should write this up for other Sonlighters like me."

And so this free eBook came to be.


Get Sonlight’s A Beginner's Blueprint to Language Arts and Teach with Confidence!

This eBook features instruction on Language Arts topics including

  • The definition and basics of Language Arts … and the end result you're after
  • The pros and cons of beginning Language Arts when your children are on the young end of the age range, and on the older end of the age range
  • A detailed look at the skills that fall under the language arts umbrella

Read through this eBook to get the confidence you need to teach Language Arts.

Inside this free eBook, you will find detailed information and teaching tips on all these skills:

  • Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • Handwriting (both printing and cursive)
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Copywork and Dictation
  • Public Speaking
  • Creative Writing
  • Research
"This eBook is exactly what I was looking for! I needed a big picture view of language arts to inform my decisions and help me know I'm on the right track. It helped clarify my goals for each stage of training my children to be good communicators." ~Laura Lee Ellis, homeschooling mom of four

Also, with your free download of this eBook, you will become a valued member of the Sonlight family. This includes:

  • Sarita's Word, our free biweekly encouraging word from Sonlight's president and founder
  • Insider information and sneak peeks of new products coming to Sonlight
  • Alerts to our occasional sales and specials offers

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Download your free eBook!

Download this free Beginner's Blueprint to Language Arts eBook. Cut out the confusion. Enjoy the journey toward clear communication.

If you have some questions about how to teach Language Arts, or whether the instruction you've already offered your children is sufficient for their needs, this eBook will help clarify where you are and what you should do next.

You don't need to go about your day wondering if what you're doing is sufficient. You can teach Language Arts to your children and watch them thrive as communicators.

Download A Beginner's Blueprint to Language Arts now and move forward with clarity and peace in raising great communicators. [scroll up]

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