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Teaching multiple children? Imagine the fun they'll have learning together

If you wonder how you could possibly find the time and energy to teach all your children, we've got you covered. A Sonlight education offers time- and money-saving flexibility because every curriculum package is created with a range of ages and grades in mind. That makes it possible to teach your five- and seven-year-old together, for example.

The main reason you'll find it feasible to teach multiple students is that literature-based learning - the foundation of our curriculum - makes it possible, even enjoyable, to teach different ages and abilities side-by-side.

How does it work? Sonlight uses high-quality stories - some of the best books ever written - to capture your children's imagination, cultivate curiosity and create an insatiable desire to know more. From intriguing tales (not dry textbooks), learners readily absorb information in an enjoyable, memorable manner. Because Sonlight is a whole-family curriculum, you get to have fun reading and learning together.

Reading our stories will help your children create their own

When kids hear a good story, positive things start to happen. Questions arise. Ideas swirl. Parents and siblings discuss. Exploration emerges. Individual interests develop. The foundation for their future is laid. From here, dreams take flight.

So learning happens naturally, as it should. Don't be surprised when every learner, from youngest to oldest, remembers the important information. It just makes sense: Kids remember things when they're involved and interested. That's the power of story.

What's more, studying the Sonlight way lets you impart a love of learning to your children, every day. And if your kids enjoy learning, they can follow any path they want in life.

Your family's perfect-fit education is a phone call/chat/email away

Sonlight covers all subjects, preschool to college prep. Although you can teach multiple children together for much of the school day, you'll likely need to add some skills-specific materials for individual students. For example, your younger child is probably at a different place than his older sibling in areas like handwriting and math.

An experienced Sonlight Homeschool Advisor can walk you through the curriculum selection process to make sure you get the appropriate products. There's never a charge or obligation for this service. In no time at all, your family will be on the way to an unforgettable adventure in learning.


Our curriculum packages have the best books and the deepest discounts

When you buy a Sonlight All-Subjects Package or History / Bible / Literature Package, you'll save anywhere from 15-20% over the retail price of items purchased individually.

Beyond the cost factor, when you invest in one of our complete packages - the result of more than 30 years of research on how children learn best - you get the full-scale educational experience we created for your children. You can buy a bunch of books anywhere. What you won't get when you do that is something that ties them all together into a cohesive curriculum. We've done that work for you.

When you compare apples to apples, there's no other homeschool program available that gives you the depth of educational materials, enjoyable learning experience, and academic and life-enriching outcomes that Sonlight provides.

We guarantee they'll love learning and you'll love teaching

Another positive cost consideration is that both All-Subjects and History / Bible / Literature Packages are backed by our one-year money-back Love to Learn, Love to Teach™ Guarantee. How does that work? Everyone in your family will love using Sonlight (that includes the teacher, Mom) or we'll refund your entire package purchase. Period. That makes Sonlight a no-risk endeavor.

Get some Sonlight today and spread your payments over time

No-fee, no-interest payment plans are available. Really. We offer options for convenience that makes Sonlight accessible to everyone. For about the cost of a cup of coffee per day, you can give your children a top-tier Sonlight education.

Simply select the curriculum package(s) you want, and then head over to our handy payment plan calculator. Depending on your selection or other payment parameters, you may qualify for your choice of a 3-, 6- or 9-month plan.


Our Instructor's Guide lets you teach with confidence and ease

Families have been inviting Sonlight into their homes for 25 years because we make it fun and easy for you to teach without any special expertise. Our "secret sauce" is the exclusive Sonlight Instructor's Guide (IG), perfected over time to the point where your 12-year-old could take over and teach in your absence. (That's what one mom told us.) Every All-Subjects and History / Bible / Literature Package includes an IG.

What's included in the indispensable guide that's been called the best teacher's helper ever? We have an entire team of teachers, product developers and other experts who devote their days to creating content for you. We've done all the prep work- schedules, notes, discussion questions and answers, and more - so all you have to do is open the IG and begin teaching. Just think of how much time you'll save not having to plan any lessons. That's time you can spend enjoying your family and doing all the other things you need to accomplish.

You'll soon discover that your IG is the key to a smooth, stress-less teaching experience. Many moms tell us they grab a cup of coffee Monday morning, scan over the day's schedule and jump right in. It's that straightforward and simple.

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