Several of Sonlight's upper level science programs are founded on the creation-based home school science books from Apologia Educational Ministries.


Science H (General Science) • none
Science 150 (Physical Science) • 7th Grade Math
Science 250 (Biology) • none
Science 350 (Chemistry) • Algebra 1
Science 450 (Physics) • Algebra 1, Geometry, Trigonometry
Science 550 (Advanced Biology) • Biology 250 and Chemistry 350
Science 551 (Advanced Chemistry) • Algebra 2 and Chemistry 350

Science Schedule Plus

For High School, your Apologia science program comes with a Schedule Plus instead of an Instructor's Guide. Your Schedule Plus provides the familiarity of Sonlight's IG for your Apologia studies. What makes it different from an IG? While the schedule is the same, there are limited notes as the majority of the material comes in Apologia's program.

Sonlight's Upper-Level Apologia Science Programs

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    Science 250

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