Literature 130

American Historical Literature

Bond with your children as you read and learn together!

No Sonlight program would be complete without a large selection of complimentary literary classics and historical fiction to add color and depth to your study of history. Level 100 is no different.

Although our American literature selections are meant for your students to read, they are so absorbing that many parents love to read along or choose to carry on the tradition of reading aloud started in earlier programs.

  • Travel with Todd and his family as they endure 2,000 miles of hardship to claim land in the uncharted Oregon territory.
  • Discover the fate of a 14-year-old girl captured by the Seneca Indians in 1758.
  • Face the terrifying realities of the Civil War with Henry Fleming as his dreams of glory are shattered by the sobering realities of the battlefield.
  • Cheer as Amos, the enslaved son of an African king, realizes his dream of freedom after 45 years of enslavement in America.

These and many more gripping literary classics will encourage a love for learning in your children.

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