Spelling You See

Homeschool Spelling Curriculum

Spelling need not be difficult and frustrating. Rather than use tests and long spelling lists, Spelling You See takes a different approach to teach spelling. No spelling tests. No word lists. No flashcards.

The developmental process of learning to spell is similar to what children go through when learning to walk. They need to develop the prerequisite skill of crawling before they can move on to walking and then running. In the same way, this program provides spelling books and other supplemental materials that guide your student through the process of learning how to spell.

Be sure to check out the Is Your Child Ready section on the product page for each program you are considering. Each package includes in the Description simple questions you can ask to ensure you get the right level for your student.

Spelling You See is included in All-Subjects Packages: Level D (4th grade), Level E (5th grade) and Level F (6th grade).

Spelling You See
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Spelling You See
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Spelling You See Levels

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    Spelling You See A: Listen and Write
    Retail Price $60.00 Special Price $45.00
  2. product-img
    Spelling You See B: Jack & Jill
    Retail Price $75.00 Special Price $58.00
  3. product-img
    Spelling You See C: Wild Tales
    Retail Price $75.00 Special Price $58.00
  4. product-img
    Spelling You See D: Americana
    Retail Price $75.00 Special Price $58.00
  5. product-img
    Spelling You See E: American Spirit
    Retail Price $75.00 Special Price $58.00
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    Spelling You See F: Ancient Achievements
    Retail Price $75.00 Special Price $58.00
  7. product-img
    Spelling You See G: Modern Milestones
    Retail Price $75.00 Special Price $58.00

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