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As part of Sonlight's three sweeps through history, your family will study American History three times in the years from preschool through high school. However...

Sonlight doesn't begin with American History. American society has enriched the world in many ways. But Sonlight also seeks to emphasize the unique contributions, strengths, weaknesses, and needs—both physical and spiritual—of the other major peoples and cultures on Earth.

With Sonlight, your children begin their studies outside the United States so that when they look at American history and culture, they will understand more fully how and why American culture is different.

Students then transition to first grade and get their first glimpse of American History. Sonlight A, Exploring American History (ages 6-8) shares the stories of key events and important people in American history. What a wonderful way to introduce your younger students to both well-known and more obscure historical characters from America’s past, from a wide range of religions and ethnicities, with diverse skin colors and contributions.

Start with the first year Intro to American History from before the Spanish conquistadors through the mid-19th Century (ages 9-12). Geography assignments cover the early exploration of the Americas. Then jump into year two Intro to American History from the mid-19th through 20th Centuries (10-13). Geography assignments cover the Americas.

Then, revisit American History in-depth with a study from pre-Columbian America through the early 21st Century (ages 13-15). Geography assignments focus on the United States. And finish out with a thorough study of the American Government with emphasis on the Constitution and its historical interpretation, plus a close look at the three branches of government (17-18). Geography assignments focus on the United States.

In all, Sonlight devotes five solid years to U.S. history and culture. Due to their astonishingly rich content and engrossing presentation, however, those four years are equivalent to more than eight in almost any other program.

HBL D delivers a robust, well-rounded, and rich American history education through narrative history, thrilling historical fiction, Bible reading, memory work, oration, poetry, and songs, geography, maps, cultural literacy, and timeline work —all this with the powerful addition of deeply nuanced discussions." —Gina Munsey, Sonlighter, The Oaxacaborn Blog

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