Roadschooling Coffee Table Books

Ready to see the world, either literally or in your imagination? With our collection of “roadschooling” books, you’ll learn about the United States—the cities, the states themselves, the national parks. Use them in your homeschool studies or as a coffee table book and enjoy learning about this country we live in.

One roadschooler said that two of these were her two favorite books in her homeschool. “The kids love looking up all the fun facts about each state and National Parks we visit. It is also fun to look through the pages and make plans for where we want to visit next. . . . We hope to visit each state while the kids are under our roof and these books have been a great way to learn along the way.”

Whether seeing all 50 states is on your bucket list or not, these coffee table books make a great history and geography supplement to your schoolwork. Ideal for children ages 7-10, younger children will enjoy the artwork, and older children and adults will enjoy spotting things and places they recognize.

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